[meteorite-list] Meteorites / Mining Claims

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:44 2004
Message-ID: <4043D2D3.3030705_at_fascination.com>

Dear List,
Art is correct, the claimant can't keep you off if you are not working
his claim for his claimed minerals/metals BUT, many claimants here in SW
WYOMING are filing the gold claims and the Diamond claims for "all
valuable minerals" so go figure what they are claiming...AND, they
usually call out the sheriff for anyone around the mill site, and one
needs to define the "mill site" as it can be patented and becomes
private. the BLM ranger really likes to be called out to harass some
"dumb ass flat lander" so, you have lots of friends everywhere if you
don't know if you belong where you are.... And, many carry buck shot.
It all boils down to the situation of knowing the land you are on BEFORE
going out hunting anything, except maybe trouble, doesn't take any
research to find that.
I think there is a great letter or five that were posted on this EXACT
subject back last summer in response to the easterners that wanted to
run all over with no respect for land ownership issues. The BLM web
site at BLM.gov can channel you to links to search lands by Long. and
Lat, and township, range and section as the claims are located that manner.
DAve Freeman mjwy

thornysahuaro wrote:

> Tom, Sonny, and list;
> Technically, I guess you are right Tom. However, it is not wise to
> encourage anyone search for meteorites on an active mining claim. I
> hold two gold claims and I tend to become annoyed if I see someone
> picking up rocks or searching with a metal detector.
> I'm pretty mellow and would only ask them search elsewhere, but not
> all miners will react this way. I've always been taught to respect
> claims as if they were private property.
> Art
> Tom aka James Knudson <knudson911_at_frontiernet.net> wrote:
> A gold claim can not claim a meteorite, if they try to say it is
> theirs BLM
> will pull their claim from them! Also you can not get a meteorite
> claim. So
> hunt away, if anyone says anything, report them to BLM!!!
> Thanks, Tom
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> > Hi List,
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> > I would like to know if you are allowed to hunt for meteorites
> on mining
> > claims. If one is
> >
> > found, who owns the meteorite, The finder or the claim owner?
> >
> > Thanks,.
> >
> > Sonny
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