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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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I just came in from six hours of collecting yard debris scattered by Tropical
Storm Gabriel this morning. There's enough to fill a small dumpster. A fifty
foot (16m) Washingtonian Palm was blown over next door falling between our
houses. During my chores I found myself fuming over some of the dialogue
that's passed this way during the last days. I will offer here a different

List members have offered their views about this week's horror. The views
range from offering prayers (I'm all for that) to "nuke their babies with
bombs slick with pig grease" (I'm all against that).

The latter redneck suggestion personally offends me and doesn't reflect what
America stands for. I'll remind my pompous friends that each of us is an
ambassador of our country on this list that circulates around the world. I'll
remind my friends that Teddy Roosevelt prepared for war with these words -
"Walk softly and carry a big stick."

I'll assume from these boasts, that certain list members will be applying to
join a branch of our Armed Forces this Monday and ask for duty in Afghanistan
so that they can better let their deeds match their vengeful desires. We
mostly need human intelligence so you'll be assigned to infiltrate the devils
liar. Grow a beard and smell like a camel, it's part of the uniform.

Having looked over the border into Afghanistan from Pakistan and walked away
alive, walked away from arms dealers with discount Stinger missiles (some
assembly required), barrels of hash oil, and the knowledge that a "bad deal"
would result in my head becoming a polo ball for horsemen, I'll challenge my
belligerent justice seekers taking up space here with their macho rhetoric to
cross the Hindu Kush and seek and destroy the enemy within. In "Victory they
will prevail". Send me a card.

Otherwise, please put your wee-wees back in your pocket.

The second matter concerns approximately the same individuals chastising
Matteo for advertising a meteorite sale yesterday. I note that Matteo sent
his sympathies to this list on Sept. 11. I also note that every bank,
government office, 7-11 and McDonald's in SW Florida is open for business
yesterday, today and tomorrow. No public or private school in Lee County
Florida has ever closed due to this disaster. Apparently everyone is "selfish
and unpatriotic" around here.

This IS the "Meteorite bulletin board", not a venue for hysterical political
babblings. I'm disappointed with this needless public embarrassment of
Matteo. To be fair, be sure to insult Steve Arnold who just sent me a list of
goodies available in Denver. Be sure to insult all the dealers in Denver who
are pushing meteorites this moment for their own personal greed. Go ahead and
insult me for not praying in all four cardinal directions this morning.

Conversely , the church service I watched at noon during a break in my work
was so inspirational. The Reverend Billy Graham sure grabbed my attention
with his message that "the dead are in heaven now and I assure you they don't
want to come back here!"

Hopefully in Heaven I won't have to read the crap I've seen here. Actually I
don't have to read here and now.

Matteo is not a friend or acquaintance. Neither is he the devil incarnate.
Matteo has done nothing wrong and is owed an apology from those who have
insulted him. My time is valuable and I don't waste it reading messages from
those who don't have a mature point-of-view. If I don't see an apology, I
will be blocking the addresses of these offenders from my mailbox (you're
first up Harlan.....).

And by the way all you "masters of war" - be careful what you wish for, it
might come true.

Kevin Kichinka
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