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From: Kevin Kichinka <marsrox_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 07:19:38 -0600
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Team Meteorite:

I'm on the last lap and the finish line is near. The race to sell more
than a thousand copies of my self-published book before they become
unwanted cockroach motels is nearly over. After this long run -
mentor Darryl Pitt predicted in 2005 that the book would "have legs"-
I am momentarily left with only a few hard copies of 'The Art". The
economics and logistics predict there will never be more printed.

But the spirit of the book lives on as an eBook, available to any who
want some of my hopefully humble, thoughtful insight.

Amazonians Kindling their fire can buy it here:


Barnes and Noble Nookies can buy it here:

"The eBook Editor" was the company that worked through a difficult
script as eBooks rarely are rich with color illustrations. And nothing
would have ever happened at all if Paul Harris hadn't found a way to
re-format the books original file after I couldn't get it done
commercially for love or money.

I have added three important chapters covering the circumstances of
the falls of Chassigny, Nakhla (with the only detailed, eye witnessed,
fact-based and historic existing published account of the 'dog-gone')
and now the complete illustrated "The Rise of the Raj and the Fall of

MARSROX writing on Mars rocks :>)

If my $15 "Global Meteorite Price Report - 2013" can't wiggle a way
into your budget, the ebook is a $9.95 stocking stuffer.

It IS last call on the paperback version so go to
www.theartofcollectingmeteorites NOW for one of the few remaining
available hard copies. After these are gone - Gary "Big Kahuna" and
brother Blaine Reed have a few left, too- the last couple in my
possession are destined for eBay in later days, including the
penultimate signed and numbered #500.

It is my sincerest pleasure to offer these works- the "Global
Meteorite Price Report - 2013", the story of the circumstances
surrounding the Shergotty fall, and a new version of "The Art" as an
eBook to everyone that like me, has passion about those objects of
attraction and dis-traction we call meteorites. And I could not do any
of it without the help, guidance, inspiration and support from the
generous members of Team Meteorite. Thank you!

And before I forget, may everyone's holidays, and all days forever
after, be filled with happiness and grace (and rare rocks from space).

>From Nine Degrees North...

Kevin Kichinka
MARSROX at gmail.com

Rio del Oro, Santa Ana
Costa Rica
Received on Thu 20 Dec 2012 08:19:38 AM PST

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