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Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 07:18:45 -0600
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Team Meteorite:

*Ordering info is located at the end of this message.*

Since 1995 I have collected data estimating the value of each
meteorite in my personal collection. Unlike coins, stamps and used
cars, there is no worldly source available to review current
individual meteorite prices. My surveys became a true?snapshot? of
each year?s market prices.

I realized that this information might interest other collectors and
dealers. With a current meteorite price report in hand, every
collector could get a fair idea of the value of his/hers holdings.
Dealers could compare their sale prices with competitors. Anyone
considering the purchase of a specimen could instantly realize whether
the asking price is reasonable.

My first effort, the 2005 ?Global Meteorite Price Report? was limited
to the eight-five meteorites within my collection and was

In 2008, to better serve the meteorite community I expanded the report
to 121 different meteorites (plus a few of their permutations).

The 2010 survey grew to 185 meteorites.

For the 2013 rendition I have sampled the prices of 241 meteorites,
nearly triple the number first surveyed in 2005!

Included in this report are all prior year's pricing history - July,
2005, February, 2007, September, 2008 and December, 2010. The number
of meteorite dealers offering each meteorite that year also remains,
data that beautifully helps anyone spot price trends and judge
availability. With your 2013 price report one can follow any
meteorites' price and availability trend since 2005!

Here's an example (there are five prices and dealer counts, one for
each indicated year. I hope it translates from my keyboard to the
m-list) :

                            July, 2005 Feb, 2007
Sept, 2008 Dec, 2010 Dec, 2012

Allende CV3.2 8.10 (14) 11.05 (21) 11.65 (23)
            13.56 (14) 16.54 (11) +22%

For the first time I am including a number of NWA's of all classes,
not just planetary and lunar. I conclude the report with my "State of
the Market" analysis and interpretation of marketing trends apparent
in the data. Trust that you will be surprised.

While I request a small payment for the Global Meteorite Price Report,
I continue to offer this work because it fills a need in the hobby.
>From the ever-increasing number of repeat purchasers, it's clear that
I am successfully filling this void.

Under the category of 'nothing worthwhile is easy', while attempting
to re-format my working 'Word doc' to an 'Adobe pdf. file', I learned
my account with Adobe was not assessable from Costa Rica. Paul Harris
volunteered and accomplished this work. For those new to the hobby,
Paul's ground-breaking use of the internet to bring meteorites to the
world over the digital interface puts him on the pantheon of the
all-time leaders in our hobby/discipline. He is a quiet, always upbeat
professional and family man who never seeks attention for his good
works. Gracias por todo, don Paul.

To keep this thirteen-page report as affordable as possible, I will
maintain the price at $15, same as it has always been, while hoping
purchasers will honor me and the time necessary to compile and
interpret the data by not re-transmitting the file to others. Keep it
your 'secret weapon' :>)

And as a very special gift to purchasers, included with your price
report will be a second attached file, my unedited, richly illustrated
meteorite-history feature, "The Rise of the Raj and the Fall of

I am only the privileged messenger revealing this incredible story,
the previously unknown circumstances of the fall of Mars' meteorite
Shergotty 147 years ago.

Why should you care? Shergotty is the namesake for the vast majority
of Martian NWA meteorites. It is the only Mars meteorite with a
discovered twin still resting on the surface of Mars. The fall is an
incredible story that kept me digging in British Museum archives for
several years, a puzzle to assemble while still searching for missing

As Meteorite magazine subscribers know, and from my July m-list
messages to this august group, the replacement publisher of this
journal for which I had written since 1996 rejected this latest
contribution to meteorite lore - "too long, some readers may find it

Read it now and judge for yourself.

We will travel back to the times of the Raj in India, learn about
Nevil Story-Maskelyne's relentless efforts to grow the British
National Collection, thrill to tales of war and opium, only to be
suddenly transported on a side trip to Mars.

Meteorites Parnalee LL3.6, Dharamsala LL6, Akbarpur H4, Gopalpur H6,
Maddur L5, Pulsora H5, Bustee AUB, eucrites Stannern/Juvinas/Jonzac
and Murchison CM2 will make guest appearances on a stage stretching
from Calcutta to London to Meridiani Planum near the Martian equator.

The tale of Shergotty will make for a memorable winter's night reading
in front of a fireplace while outside, falling snowflakes quietly
create a soft, white strewn field. Pair this great adventure with a
little Bailey's in the hot chocolate to warm your tummy.

"The Rise of the Raj and the Fall of Shergotty" was edited by
Meteorite magazine's founder and my co-conspirator Joel Schiff and is
brilliantly illustrated by my dear friend Dorothy Norton. This
soon-to-be-legendary part of meteorite history- perhaps second only to
the story of the fall of Nakhla- will be included free with your
Global Meteorite Price Report purchase, both transmitted
simultaneously as pdf.Adobe doc attachments to an email. A lot of love
went into these projects. I suggest you print them out in color for
your purest reading pleasure.

Pay $15 for "The Global Meteorite Price Report - 2013" and receive
"The Rise of the Raj and the Fall of Shergotty" here......

www.Paypal.com, search "Kevin Kichinka".

I'll have them in your mailbox within 24 hours.

Next up another surprise for the Holidays ........

While I wish you to keep the price report close to your vest, feel
generous in passing around the wonderful story of the fall of
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