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        Can't wait to see them both. However, when I try to look
Up " Kevin Kichinka" I get "Not Found."
        Can't you just tell us the email to use to PayPal you the

On 12/20/12 5:18 AM, "Met. Kevin Kachinka" <marsrox at gmail.com> wrote:

> Team Meteorite:
> *Ordering info is located at the end of this message.*
> Since 1995 I have collected data estimating the value of each
> meteorite in my personal collection. Unlike coins, stamps and used
> cars, there is no worldly source available to review current
> individual meteorite prices. My surveys became a true?snapshot? of
> each year?s market prices.
> I realized that this information might interest other collectors and
> dealers. With a current meteorite price report in hand, every
> collector could get a fair idea of the value of his/hers holdings.
> Dealers could compare their sale prices with competitors. Anyone
> considering the purchase of a specimen could instantly realize whether
> the asking price is reasonable.
> My first effort, the 2005 ?Global Meteorite Price Report? was limited
> to the eight-five meteorites within my collection and was
> well-received.
> In 2008, to better serve the meteorite community I expanded the report
> to 121 different meteorites (plus a few of their permutations).
> The 2010 survey grew to 185 meteorites.
> For the 2013 rendition I have sampled the prices of 241 meteorites,
> nearly triple the number first surveyed in 2005!
> Included in this report are all prior year's pricing history - July,
> 2005, February, 2007, September, 2008 and December, 2010. The number
> of meteorite dealers offering each meteorite that year also remains,
> data that beautifully helps anyone spot price trends and judge
> availability. With your 2013 price report one can follow any
> meteorites' price and availability trend since 2005!
> Here's an example (there are five prices and dealer counts, one for
> each indicated year. I hope it translates from my keyboard to the
> m-list) :
> July, 2005 Feb, 2007
> Sept, 2008 Dec, 2010 Dec, 2012
> Allende CV3.2 8.10 (14) 11.05 (21) 11.65 (23)
> 13.56 (14) 16.54 (11) +22%
> For the first time I am including a number of NWA's of all classes,
> not just planetary and lunar. I conclude the report with my "State of
> the Market" analysis and interpretation of marketing trends apparent
> in the data. Trust that you will be surprised.
> While I request a small payment for the Global Meteorite Price Report,
> I continue to offer this work because it fills a need in the hobby.
>> From the ever-increasing number of repeat purchasers, it's clear that
> I am successfully filling this void.
> Under the category of 'nothing worthwhile is easy', while attempting
> to re-format my working 'Word doc' to an 'Adobe pdf. file', I learned
> my account with Adobe was not assessable from Costa Rica. Paul Harris
> volunteered and accomplished this work. For those new to the hobby,
> Paul's ground-breaking use of the internet to bring meteorites to the
> world over the digital interface puts him on the pantheon of the
> all-time leaders in our hobby/discipline. He is a quiet, always upbeat
> professional and family man who never seeks attention for his good
> works. Gracias por todo, don Paul.
> To keep this thirteen-page report as affordable as possible, I will
> maintain the price at $15, same as it has always been, while hoping
> purchasers will honor me and the time necessary to compile and
> interpret the data by not re-transmitting the file to others. Keep it
> your 'secret weapon' :>)
> And as a very special gift to purchasers, included with your price
> report will be a second attached file, my unedited, richly illustrated
> meteorite-history feature, "The Rise of the Raj and the Fall of
> Shergotty".
> I am only the privileged messenger revealing this incredible story,
> the previously unknown circumstances of the fall of Mars' meteorite
> Shergotty 147 years ago.
> Why should you care? Shergotty is the namesake for the vast majority
> of Martian NWA meteorites. It is the only Mars meteorite with a
> discovered twin still resting on the surface of Mars. The fall is an
> incredible story that kept me digging in British Museum archives for
> several years, a puzzle to assemble while still searching for missing
> pieces.
> As Meteorite magazine subscribers know, and from my July m-list
> messages to this august group, the replacement publisher of this
> journal for which I had written since 1996 rejected this latest
> contribution to meteorite lore - "too long, some readers may find it
> offensive".
> Read it now and judge for yourself.
> We will travel back to the times of the Raj in India, learn about
> Nevil Story-Maskelyne's relentless efforts to grow the British
> National Collection, thrill to tales of war and opium, only to be
> suddenly transported on a side trip to Mars.
> Meteorites Parnalee LL3.6, Dharamsala LL6, Akbarpur H4, Gopalpur H6,
> Maddur L5, Pulsora H5, Bustee AUB, eucrites Stannern/Juvinas/Jonzac
> and Murchison CM2 will make guest appearances on a stage stretching
> from Calcutta to London to Meridiani Planum near the Martian equator.
> The tale of Shergotty will make for a memorable winter's night reading
> in front of a fireplace while outside, falling snowflakes quietly
> create a soft, white strewn field. Pair this great adventure with a
> little Bailey's in the hot chocolate to warm your tummy.
> "The Rise of the Raj and the Fall of Shergotty" was edited by
> Meteorite magazine's founder and my co-conspirator Joel Schiff and is
> brilliantly illustrated by my dear friend Dorothy Norton. This
> soon-to-be-legendary part of meteorite history- perhaps second only to
> the story of the fall of Nakhla- will be included free with your
> Global Meteorite Price Report purchase, both transmitted
> simultaneously as pdf.Adobe doc attachments to an email. A lot of love
> went into these projects. I suggest you print them out in color for
> your purest reading pleasure.
> Pay $15 for "The Global Meteorite Price Report - 2013" and receive
> "The Rise of the Raj and the Fall of Shergotty" here......
> www.Paypal.com, search "Kevin Kichinka".
> I'll have them in your mailbox within 24 hours.
> Next up another surprise for the Holidays ........
> While I wish you to keep the price report close to your vest, feel
> generous in passing around the wonderful story of the fall of
> Shergotty.
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