[meteorite-list] I want to display a Canyon Diablo piece in the local Library

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I would not worry too much about having an official certificate.? I think the specimen you have is quite nice and looks like a meteorite, specifically a CD.? Inspiring people won't require a certificate, but a nice brass plaque should do the trick.? Maybe you can ask the library to list the meteorite books they have available on a printout next to the case.



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>Hello List,
>Now that Montrose, Colorado is no longer the "Meteorite Capitol of the World" or whatever, I have something I would like to do.? I have a 733 gram whole individual Canyon Diablo iron that I want to display in the same display case at the Montrose Regional Library where some other supposed moon rocks were displayed a while back.? I would like to display this piece of iron in hopes that it might, on its own, spark some interest in meteorites, and maybe the write-up that I put with it will help as well.? My piece is not that spectacular but since it is all I have, hopefully it will work.? I got this piece from a fellow up in Oregon that traded the finder for it back in the 1970s.? The finder responded to my inquiry on the piece basically acknowledging the piece but I think I still need a certificate of authenticity in order to properly display it as a meteorite.? My questions to the M-List are: how can I get a certificate on it; and would anyone want
 to suggest information on the Canyon Diablo irons that I should put with it in the display .? I am willing to send the piece I have off to a lab if necessary to get it certified but to who?? I would like to get it into the display case yet this winter if that's possible.? I would appreciate any and all help I get on this.
>Here is a picture of the iron that I have:? http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p124/mmurray_02/IMG_1697.jpg
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