[meteorite-list] Most expensive meteorites!

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Sorry, off topic.. What Ed mentioned about a piece of wood with some stripes
painted on it, selling for big bucks... I think that's just stupid - original
piece of 'work' or not.. What the hell?

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I actually mis-interpreted your post... I think.

I meteorite is valuable because of its uniqueness; for example, If it is
oriented, is a fall (very fresh), hits an object (a hammer) or is a rare
composition. If an ordinary chondrite hits an animal (or person) then it will
be more desirable and the value will increase. But remember, the mineral
content may be very common for meteorites. So there are many reasons different
meteorite have different values.
Now to your art ? the value of art is not simply how it looks but whom and under
what circumstances it is produced. Have you seen drawings by John Lennon? well
let?s just say he is no Leonardo da Vinci, but they are very valuable. This has
always driven me nuts because I?ve done art myself. Art is not just a visual
object, but the ?process of creating something which many believe is of high
value or of cultural importance.?

Greg S.

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> Subject: [meteorite-list] Most expensive meteorites!
> This confirms my impression of collectors! They are NUTS! I don't
> single out meteorite collectors but all collectors. Let us look at
> art as an example. If a painting by a famous artist sells for big
> bucks and later it turns out to be a fake it is nearly worthless
> again. It has nothing to do with the quality of the painting but who
> actually is the so called famous painter. The Ottawa art community,
> government, if I recall correctly paid big bucks for three stripes
> painted on a couple of sheets of plywood. Several people said they
> would duplicate this so called famous painting at a fraction of the
> cost, but there were no takers. Collectors and their vanity proves
> they are all NUTS! I have something you don't have! ;-) Meteorites
> should be about what they do for science and Not scarcity!
> Ed Majden
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