[meteorite-list] AD: 25% OFF ALL EBAY BUY IT NOW ITEMS

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Jul 22 02:42:29 2006
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You know, I had promised myself to not respond to the
lists resident Florida drunk who is always trying to
be make himself seem holyier than the rest of us.
Hell, I even held my breath a couple weeks ago when he
was flogging a fake oman "meteorite export permit" to
sell a lunar when all he had was an internal Oman memo
asking that the meteorite be permitted to be exported.
It certainly wasnt a legal "Export permit" that would
protect anybody that he was trying scare by implying
that if your meteorites werent bought from him then
they betetr live in fear of the police banging down
your door. (I guess you figured none of your customers
could read arabic eh adam? - to bad some of us have
arabic friends).
But anyway, I will respond anyway. Yes, when I make
new websites I do indeed offer a discount to the list
before I list it permanantly on my website for my non
list member customers. Thats sort of a courtesy for
using the list as an advertising medium.
As far as meteorites drying up, I know some people
wont believe me when I say they are becoming much
scarcer and figure it is just my marketing but my
experience is that I cant get as many now and they are
harder to buy. At one point several years ago I was
getting an airfreight shipment of four or five hundred
kilos every 6 weeks or so. Now it will take me 3 or 4
months to buy up that amount for munich when I am
putting much more effort into buying them and paying a
lot more money.
Not sure where adam is getting that I said meteorites
were not running out. I have been saying for 2 years
that the supply is drying up. I wouldent expect it to
get anything like it was a couple years ago.
As far as ebay fee increases go, a 500% increase (From
2 to 10 cents) and a 10% closing fee sounds like a big
deal if you list thousands of store items using
several user id's. Basically the fee increase makes it
harder to use ebays store as your main website as it
is no longer competative with running a website. Ebay
will always make excellent marketing and I doubt I
will ever give it up. But weaning a bit of ebay is a
project that I have been working on for some months
now but the fee announcement yesterday got me into
high gear in doing something. I am hoping to
eventually maintain 4 or 5 hundred ebay auctions
instead of my usual 1000 to 2000 that I usualy do.
Anyway, I will try and ignore our florida drunk and
his self indulgence and claims that his meteorites are
better than your meteorites in the future.
Its sad and reduces the quality of the list when one
list member wants to start mud slinging matches all
the time for no reason other than a little to much
jack daniels while promoting his meteorites using
scaremongering rather than emphasing the quality of
his meteorites or his prices like most other people
do. Probably because he cant compete on quality vs
price with other dealers. Some people needs to grow up
and realize that the communist era ended 15 years ago
and most of the world has free competation nowadays.

--- Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi Dean and List,
> eBay store items are only being raised a couple of
> cents from the 3 cent
> cost so I think there is no reason for alarm. If you
> always discount
> something by 25%, is it really a sale? You also
> accused several dealers of
> scare tactics stating that the influx of material
> has been seriously reduced
> from NWA. NOW, you are stating the same thing in
> this latest advertisement.
> Your exact statement:
> "I am running very low of meteorites and am having
> such a hard time buying
> meteorites in morocco nowadays"
> You hammered other dealers for making similar
> statements and also accused
> them of lying about legal issues being brought out
> at the August meeting in
> Casablanca. I think you owe some apologies since you
> have now changed your
> tune.
> Regards,
> Adam
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> To: <meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com>
> Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 8:32 PM
> Subject: [meteorite-list] AD: 25% OFF ALL EBAY BUY
> > Ebays email yesterday informing of a massive fee
> > increase in ebay stores next month has motivated
> me to
> > put more work on my websites and in the future to
> rely
> > less on ebay. 95% of my meteorites sales come from
> my
> > website nowadays anyway as most of my regular
> > customers check it every few days anyway (Although
> I
> > wont be doing much website updating now until
> november
> > as I am running very low of meteorites and am
> having
> > such a hard time buying meteorites in morocco
> nowadays
> > that I am keeping everything that I am buying now
> for
> > the munich show).
> > I want to run down my ebay buy it now items so
> they
> > will be easier to organize later so if there is
> > anything in my ebay store buy it nows (Meteorites
> or
> > anything else) you can take a 25% discount. Email
> me
> > with the list of items that you want before you
> buy
> > them. My ebay id is AMUNRE.
> > Also, my website www.meteoriteshop.com has been
> having
> > meteorites get sold as fast as I could list them
> the
> > last month but any meteorite still indicated as
> > available 25% off also. Actually, pretty much
> anything
> > on all of my websites (except meteorite
> > classifications which we can offer for $69 plus a
> thin
> > section - Or $29 extra to make the thin section)
> you
> > can take 25% off also.
> > Sincerely
> > www.meteoriteshop.com
> > AMUNRE on ebay
> >
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