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From: Notkin <geoking_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Oct 24 14:25:14 2004
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Dear Proud Tom:

Greetings comrade, and congratulations on your well-deserved 2004
Harvey Award. I'm sorry you weren't able to accept it in person.
Steve "Campo Sales sale now on" Arnold Chicago USA!!!!!!!!! is
keeping it safe for you, in a box under his bed, next to some
radioactive Brahin.

I emailed you a question ages ago -- a really important one -- and
have yet to receive a reply. Oh woe is me! We need information, and
by hook or by crook we'll get it.

I think the Meteorite List truly needs your wisdom and nitric acid
wit, oh wise Proud Tom. What with the American election coming up,
the uproar about the alleged Campo Sales/Pultusk/Tessera de Bastardo
fraud and all the rest of it, where is a collector to turn for
reliable info and really good Photoshop caricatures? Gasp!

I was speaking with Island Meteorite owner, Geoff Cintron -- just
yesterday -- and he told me he would even consider re-joining the
Meteorite List if Proud Tom were to post another one of his phantom

Whaddya say?

Geoff N., Tucson, AZ 85741
The Radioactive Collector
Proud Tom Fan #0001
website url http://www.rathergood.com/punk_kittens/
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