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From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Oct 17 09:26:30 2004
Message-ID: <008c01c4b44c$f37ebca0$5bdae4d9_at_9y6y40j>

Hola list!

Finally I finished my new assortment list for sale and trade.
So if you're interested in, please give me a note.

I know, that for list members should be offered a discount, but if I compare
my price level to that of the dealers and collectors on the famous
http://www.meteorite.com/dealer_list.htm ,
I could scream "30%, 40%, 60% off"
and I'm just to lazy to raise my prices on my list to the average niveau,
only to do so.

My apologies to the offerors there, to undercut them. I'm sending my lists
privately to my collectors and won't put my assortment on my homepage.
Anyway, the prices are not "dirt cheap" and finally I have no other choice:

Here in Germany it's as difficult to sell meteorites as it never was before.
Bad economical climate (but if I compare the situation to other countries, I
have to say, that we Germans are somewhat lachrymose) and additionally the
media created a kind of a movement, called "avarice is cool".
Consequence: The new collectors (those, who came to meteorites mainly via
ebay within the last 3 years) come to me and tell me a priori in the face,
that my prices are laughable high and try to haggle, although they have
absolutely no idea about meteorite pricing and are neither able nor willing
to compare the prices in the web. They have ebay-NWA prices in mind and
can't understand, that f.e. a Lowicz is somewhat more expensive than a NWA
1882 or a Vaca Muerta. It's annoying to sit each day in front of the machine
to excerpt all prices for the localities from all websites to demonstrate
them, that my prices already are cheap.

The other fraction, the meteorite veterans, are in some cases the opposite
of delightful to me too. They still see the meteorite fan like me like a
kind of a brother mason and expect, that we should give away the stuff at
our own buying prices, everything else they take as a personal affront.
But each day they're running to market to buy their vegetables and there
they sense no dishonesty, if the seller asks multiple prices of those, which
he paid each morning at the wholesale. There it's normal, there it's no

As told a typical German phenomenon.

To the overseas collectors my recommendations as always:
Don't be shy, it's not a big thing to order in Europe. In general it takes
7-10days until you'll have your specimens in your hands. Payment is not
complicate. Paypal, checks, cash etc. I'll take back the specimen, If you
won't be totally satisfied. No rip-off with the shipment costs. Sometimes I
speak English and finally: Compare the prices!!!!!
(In the last list, I did it already for you, but as nobody believed me -
compare this time by your own).

Now get the goodies, before I mutate to a Campo-Nantan-desert-crap-seller -
that stuff is hefty overpaid here in Germany - but seriously: It wouldn't
make fun to sell such things.

(who goes now to play with the cats, to be in a better mood soon).
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