[meteorite-list] clarafication on my meteorite sale and othermatters

From: JKG <h3chondrite_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Oct 3 02:32:33 2004
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Steve, List and Al,
I have to agree with Al on this one. Over the past several years, those who
have dealt with the meteorite community in a negative way and have been
less than honest have been taken to task on the Meteorite List. Steve
shouldn't be an exception.
I know there are a bunch of folks out there(myself included) who have
encouraged Steve to produces better descriptions, add pictures and correct
weights to his sales (Ebay and others) and deal honestly with the people he
does business with. While some of the problems do get corrected, it seems
that they creep back after a while. I'm sorry to say that I think the true
character of anyone, including Steve, can be determined by their behavior
better than it can be by their words.
What's it going to be, Steve?


At 09:11 PM 10/2/2004, almitt wrote:
>Hi Steve and all,
>Steve since you use this list constantly for selling your items I think it is
>more than appropriate for people to post to the list regarding difficulties
>they have with you or for that matter, any other seller and for other buyers
>to be made aware of problems. Certainly people should try to resolve disputes
>or misunderstandings in private at first but if someone's credibility becomes
>suspect, I certainly want to hear about it and this list is just as good of a
>format as any.
>Live by the list die by the list. Best!
>"Steve Arnold, Chicago!!!" wrote:
> > Also one more item, I do not like public insults on the
> > list. If you want to tell me something, please do it in private. I would
> > never stoop to anything like that.
> > steve arnold, chicago,usa!!
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