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I'm not ready for another rumble so soon, lay off Bill, please, really in a nice way. Adam, "?Correcaminos, bip bip! El coyote te va a comer!" (how does that jingle go in English, anyway?)

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You can study, you can admonish, you can try to establish yourself as the last word in meteorics. It's really sad that you aren't satisfied with what you have genuinely
accomplished. Peddle your stones as you see fit but I for one can live without this long range plan you are presenting to dominate the market. It's transparent and offensive. You will never own the numbers or the minds of the majority.


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From: "Adam Hupe" <raremeteorites_at_comcast.net>
> Dear List,
> While studying the problems associated with number borrowing I came up with
> a list of the most abused names. I see there have been some improvements
> lately in this area such as web sites have been changed, some are using the
> term suspected pairing and others are submitting suspected pairings to
> laboratories. This is good news and will help improve collector confidence.
> If every dealer did his/her best to follow the rules set forth by the
> NomCom, meteorite collecting could evolve to the next plateau. Here are a
> few examples that could stand some improvement:
> Amgala*
> Cleaned Zag being substituted, only one well known dealer still at fault.
> NWA 1109*
> Still being sold as a Howardite - Name borrowed heavily - Self proclaimed
> pairings
> NWA 1068
> Self proclaimed pairings
> NWA 1110*
> Mass self proclaimed pairings
> NWA 1877*
> Self proclaimed pairings
> NWA 1817*
> Self proclaimed pairings
> NWA 1827
> Self proclaimed pairings
> NWA 1878*
> Self proclaimed pairings
> NWA 1929
> Mass self proclaimed pairings
> NWA 3118*
> Mass self proclaimed pairings
> NWA 3140*
> Mass self proclaimed pairings
> * Studies paid for by The Hupe Collection
> As you can see by the number of asterisks we have a large investment in the
> above listed meteorites. This is why we take exception to anybody using
> these numbers that has not made their material official. We spend thousands
> every month on the study of NWA material and do not depend on grant money.
> This money comes directly out of our pockets. I hope a month from now this
> list is shorter. I will become more specific if needed in the future. Now
> lets have some fun doing the right thing.
> All the best,
> ------------------------------------
> Adam Hupe
> The Hupe Collection
> Team LunarRock
> IMCA 2185
> raremeteorites_at_comcast.net
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