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please remind me in 3 weeks to publish here on the list Emil Cohen's
collected meteorite prices until 1899.
I've made a conversion in today's prices based on the gold value, it's
somewhere here in my chaos, but forgot about.

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Dear Listees,

In the decades around 1900 it was fancy to circulate tables showing the
values of meteorites. Henry Ward, for example, prepared such tables and it
is interesting and funny to see what was highly priced and what was bargain
in those old times. I remember that Angra dos Reis, Lodran and Chassigny
were among the most expensive meteorites. Some of these tables are in the
library and if somebody is interested I can email scanned images.

Regarding the ongoing discussion on Dhofar vs. NWA pairings: to me, the
pairing situation with NWA is a bit like it is with some places in
Antarctica - hundreds of meteorite pieces were picked up in glacial morains
(e.g. Elephant Moraine). I would compare such collections with the "clothes
baskets" of Moroccan dealers filled with all kinds of meteorite fragments.
Meteorites which fell on Antactic ice travelled large distances within the
ice and ended up in a moraine nearby the Transantactic Mountains. The
difference to NWA is that Antarctic meteorites are curated by just a few
research institutes that take care about classification and pairing.

Best wishes,

J?rn Koblitz / MetBase

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> Yes, and?
> If they list the prices on their sites - then this are the
> prices which I'm
> interesting.
> If I'll go to an anticariat, there I may also get discounts
> on the prices on
> the labels.
> If you buy a used car, gosh, the seller will think, that
> you're not right in
> brain, if you won't to try to haggle.
> Go to a stamp or coin auctions - there are never paid the
> prices given in
> the catalogue.
> Such a list is good for orientation. If one has a 100% superoriented,
> crusted specimen, one will tend to ask or to pay higher
> prices than the
> average, if one has a 3 pounder, one will ask less and so on.
> The best clue for that the time I spent in compiling the lists was not
> wasted was, that the trade offers I got or I made, when I was
> the little
> Martin, even more unknown as now, fitted exactly to the given
> average price
> from my list and all parnters were content.
> Miau,
> says my cat.
> Martin
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> You forgot something, Martin: A lot of these dealers offer SUBSTANTIAL
> rebates if you ask for them :-)
> In so far the prices on the sites tend to be higher than they are.
> _____
> Best regards,
> Bernhard "Rendelius" Rems
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