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From: Bernhard <rendelius_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Nov 4 06:08:27 2004
Message-ID: <001101c4c25e$64a49ac0$a615170a_at_PDO>

Pel? Pierre-Marie said,

"why don't we create a catalog of meteorites with official rates (like
can find for stamps or coins) ?"

I am in favor of a modified version of this, It's a great idea and it
for other hobbies such as Coins, Stamps, Tokens and a bunch of others.

And I am not.

There is only one authority to determine the price of a meteorite: the
market. Nobody else should be allow to do it. If I see something for a
price that I like I will buy it. If I sell something it all depends on
if the buyer likes the price or not.

Take this for an example: A says the price for El Hammami should be 40c
a gram. B says it should be $1. Who's right? And what about the quality
of the piece? Who will take it into account? And how? And what about

True: some items are sold too cheap and others bought for insane prices.
But if you want to determine the "value" of an item, the internet is a
good source. It's work, yes, but it pays.

So I am all against "regulating" the prices of meteorites.

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