[meteorite-list] How to Talk to Kids about Meteorites

From: GERALD FLAHERTY <grf2_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Nov 2 14:59:40 2004
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Kids today, more than likely, have heard the word atoms, elements and
molecules. It's, at the very least, part of their "passive" vocabulay. I'll
bet that some of the kids can come up with some elemental names with a
little help. It's all over the TV. If not, throw it at them, they won't
break. (neither the kids or the ideas the words represent).
Many have heard of alchemy and attempts to change other elements into gold.
Kids are certainly into magic! Harry Potter!! If not, the story of alchemy
is a neat 1 minute story which leads circuitously into the scientific
The cyclotron doesn't have to be named as such, But certainly the Curies'
pioneering work with radioactive material is worth at least 30 seconds.
>From there the story of elements changing from one to another over time
follows as logically to a 5yr old as it does to me(well someone else, I just
parrot this stuff. But I am a retired school teacher and do know something
about children), and of course the ever exacting quest to measure and
compare amounts of elements as they change, norrowing age bracketing (kids
understand guessing) more and more precisely.
Give children the ESSENCE of what we as adults dissect and refine, dissect
and refine ad infinitum (And Thank God Someone is willing and capable of
this demanding, laborious, tedious and thankless task or I'd still be
huddled in a cold dark cave competing with other hominids, grubbing for my
Good Luck!
Jerry Flaherty
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> Dear List:
> A few nights ago I gave a talk to an elementary school about meteorites.
> I think they were pretty fascinated, but I felt inadequate trying to
> answer
> one of their questions: I didn't know off the top of my head how
> scientists
> can tell how old Allende is(or any of them for that matter).
> Someone asked me if it was through Carbon-Dating, and I knew that wasn't
> it. Is there a simple explanation for this age group? Should I get in to
> radio isotopes and the half-life of elements? I'm desperately trying to
> avoid that Krispy Kreme look. You know....glazed!
> Anita
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