[meteorite-list] Mystery Achondrite Found in Amgala Batch

From: tracy latimer <daistiho_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:53 2004
Message-ID: <Sea2-F18heuwjKAwmv300020373_at_hotmail.com>

Congratulations on your possible lunar! For those of us who have never
owned a piece of lunar larger than a crumb, what distinguishing visual
characteristics make it different from, say, a piece of Bensour (which, at
first glance, your new rock resembles.) They're both largely a nice glowing
white, from what I can see, with or without dark shock veins.

Tracy Latimer

>After going through our last batch of completely crusted Amgala chondrite
>specimens we came across this achondrite. I guess it pays to use a magnet
>and a microscope to look at each and every specimen. After a magnet was
>the least bit attracted to this stone we examined it under a microscope and
>saw a thin translucent caramel colored crust with contraction cracks. We
>ground a small edge and were shocked by what we saw next. It looks almost
>like NWA 482 but brighter with what appears to be a pure white anorthosite
>matrix. This possible lunar is absolutely gorgeous and fresh! Now we know
>what Robert Haag must of felt like when he ground a corner off of Calcalong
>Creek. It will now be a game of hurry up and wait for lab results.
>Adam and Greg Hupe

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Received on Thu 25 Mar 2004 01:08:47 PM PST

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