[meteorite-list] Fireballs Light Up The Sky Over Canada

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:53 2004
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OK, I bite, Could anyone ask Mr. Young why is April traditionally a
month for Fireballs? Call me stupid but isn't EVERY month a time for
Dave F.

Ron Baalke wrote:

>Fireballs light up the sky
>Space experts bombarded by calls
>The Winipeg Sun
>March 25, 2004
>Space experts have been bombarded with calls in the last few
>days as pieces of debris continue to streak through the night sky.
>"There have been huge numbers of reports. We've pretty much
>dropped everything to answer inquiries and take reports and
>stuff," said Planetarium manager Scott Young.
>St. Vital resident Katrina Ashton said she was sitting at her desk
>about 6 a.m. yesterday when she saw "a perfectly round
>basketball made out of fire" shoot by.
>"I wasn't still half-asleep or drinking or anything," Ashton said
>with a laugh. "It's hard to tell how far it was, it was so large. I
>was thinking, 'Am I still asleep and dreaming?' "
>Young said Ashton likely saw a small portion of one of two bigger
>meteors that rocketed into the atmosphere on the weekend.
>Hundreds of southern Manitobans awed by the sight of a meteor
>or fireball on Sunday started calling Environment Canada, the
>University of Manitoba and various RCMP detachments.
>A second fireball was spotted by residents in western Canada and
>Montana state.
>The calls continued yesterday as Winnipeggers like Ashton
>witnessed more debris flying toward Earth.
>"The pieces are sort of trickling into the Earth over the last few
>days," he said.
>Meteors are small pieces of rock -- some as tiny as a speck of
>dust -- which burn brightly when they enter Earth's atmosphere.
>Young said April is traditionally the time for fireballs, but for some
>reason they are appearing earlier than normal this year.
>"There's certainly the possibility of more of these fireballs over
>the days and weeks," said Young, adding sky-watchers looking
>for meteors may also want to check out a heavenly alignment of
>Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.
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