[meteorite-list] The "Old Woman" Meteorite, updates III, IV, and V ;-)

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:53 2004
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Hello Adam and list, to me the answer is simple! Today's BLM laws say you
can collect 250 lbs of meteorites a year on BLM land, no permits, no
nothing, 250 lbs of meteorites a year are yours! If you find a iron paired
with the old woman under 250lbs take it home! If you find one over, bring a
saw and take 250 lbs slices home a year! You can not legally sale you BLM
finds, but you can trade them or keep them! This here info is fact! : )
Thanks, Tom
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Dear List,

We are looking for some advice. Say a pairing was found to the Old Woman
iron meteorite. What would be the best course of action?

1.) Donate it to the BLM Desert Discovery Center.
2.) Donate it to the Smithsonian.
3.) Withhold it from the BLM.
4.) Try to prove a point by taking the BLM to court and risk loosing.
5.) Keep it and not say a word.
6.) Announce it the press and see what happens.
7.) None of the above.

All the best,


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V ;-)

  A few times over the years I've posted bits and pieces regarding the saga
of the "Old Woman", the wonderful large (2,750 kg!) IIAB iron meteorite from
the mountains of San Bernardino County, which has had a colorful legal
history, and which has mostly recently resided at the Desert Discovery
Center in Barstow, CA.


  Every time I would drive through the Mojave desert to-or-from Las Vegas or
wherever, I would stop and check up on it, usually speaking with either a
very sweet, older woman or her son, the two of whom seemed to be
single-handedly (and on an essentially volunteer-basis) trying to keep the
Center afloat. They both expressed unconcealed frustration at getting the
cooperation, funding, and staffing necessary to keep the Center going. A
few visits ago, the woman had died, and her son's frustration level had
greatly increased, to the point where he was pacing and muttering and seemed
really quite agitated at the subject of dealing with (according to him) the
bureaucracy and noncooperation of the BLM.

  On my next trip some months later, the Center's doors were padlocked, no
operating hours were posted, and the surrounding area had clearly not even
been swept up recently. Looking through the glass, I could see that the
meteorite was still within, but obviously no attention was being paid to the

  In a pleasantly-surprising reversal, when I just stopped by yesterday
afternoon, the Center was not only open, but the displays had been updated
and spruced up considerably. Schoolchildren's posters and drawings of the
meteorite adorned the walls. I wandered around for a while and never did
run into anyone who appeared to be in charge of the premises, perhaps it was
a moment when they were "in the back" at lunch or something.

  So this is the view from an "outsider"....I'm wondering if anyone has any
news from within, about the status of the building, the meteorite, or who's
now running the show, regarding this California treasure.

  Bob V.? (You've been the Old Woman "Answer-Man" for these posts in the


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