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From: Norbert Classen <trifid_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:48 2004
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Hello Everybody,

I'm forwarding this email on behalf of Bruno & Carine who
aren't able to get throught to the list directly. It contains
important information, and I recommend everyone to read it
since it's affecting most of us. Thanks.

All the best,

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Dear List Members,
as you all remind, the pelisson brothers tried to discredit
all the meteoritic community by associating it to terrorists
and al quaeda suppliers the 31 january (the opening day of Tucson
We did bring them in court for defamation (a kind of felony),
they already have been sentenced the 1st of March for that, they
have a fine of 4200 Euros but we could take off only a few words
in their pages as it was a "referee", and express judgement due to
urgency. (Official sentence paper is available by fax for who wants
It's now several years that the Pelisson are trying to discredit
all of us. This time it's really bad, they did use private and
public emails of you guys! Dean Bessey, David Freeman, Michael
Farmer, Bob Verish, Adam & Greg Hupe, Labenne, Nelson Oakes and
Habibi, as well as several very well known scientists. They are
using parts out of context of your public and private communications
to try to prove that we all are involved in an "active islamic group"
... we all know this is completly false and very close to delirium
but they brought that as pieces for their defence in a public court
in France.
Now they are trying to have support of medias, they already sent
press folder (witch is a full crap of 65 pages!) only two newspapers
wrote on that. But the next step could be higher, they will say that
we all finance drugs or worst.... They already said in a newspaper that
ben Laden in person have been see in Morocco to organise personally
the traffic !!
This is too much, we all have to react or they will ruin the whole
community image including the scientists as they declare to the judge
that some of them are hiding traffics with al quaeda in exchange of
money or rare samples.
As we won the first part at the court of Lyon, now we are in a good
position to bring them front of high justice, it should takes several
months but they will be badly sentenced.
This is a shame that such an interesting hobby involving origin of
our Solar System, Earth and Life with so many scientifical works are
now pointed as network funding horrible things.
Please don't hesitate to react and say what you really think of
these two people.
Cheers from France,
Bruno & Carine

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