[meteorite-list] OT- Our position regarding the IMCA

From: Roman Nakonechny <uraninut239__at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:48 2004
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Hi Ron,
      You damn right , "Screw" E-bay and the J. O.'offs who created the
You are of no importance to them, and not getting e-mails back, what, are
you crazy? that's not their problem, man. It's your problem as soon as you
"BID", regardless of what they tell you about proper complaint channels
and crap. As I posted before, do your homework, and if your "must have it
now" impulse is running on high current that should be a sign for you to get
off the site and play with the kids, dog, fish, whatever your diversion- Oh
yeah ,don't forget the eternal wife or girlfriend too. E-bay needs to get
involved with taking out some of these scumbags that they in effect let
represent E-bay, especially , what pisses me off the most is the lousy
photo's of the item for sale. In my opinion, if you can't take a descent
photo of the item for auction or "Buy It Now" then you should pay someone to
do it for you or you can't sell- period ! No Lookie - No Selli." Usually
they advertise, e.g., " Look at the beautifull fusion crust, and the 20mm
robins egg chondrules ,WOW , what a great bargain (The WOW 's are a definite
sign of impending tragic loss of cashflow from your person . Stay away
from the non- guaranteed, non - certified authentic, and unclassified and
not- analyzed by a Meteoritics Lab stuff out there. There's some good
guy's on our (I.M.C.A.) list here , and the World Class dealers off- list
might give you a good deal too. For instance, Bob Haag has never done me
wrong in the 12 yrs. that I've known him. I know him from telephone
conversations over the years. Like a lot of us on the East Coast I hope to
someday do the Tucson Show and visit at least 5 fair dealers worthy of the
name "fair", in Tucson. Another I have done deals with is Ron Farrell- New
haven, CT.. U.S.A.. He cut me an Imilac slice 3mm thick X 5" in. X 4"
in. and it is absolutely immaculate . I've had it now about 11yrs. . He sid
it took time and effort to cut a jewel woth the money I dished out for it-
it's a 123Gram Grade 1 50/50 gorgeous pale green Olivine and Ni-Fe. He did
it like a jeweler would make you a custom piece of jewelry , except it was
just another sale. He was building up his customer base. There are some
mentally ill dealers who tell you that they know for a fact that it's a
meteorite and all, but the impatient greedy bas...rds in fact do not know
diddly squat about what they are trying to sell you, and they get "ATITTUDE"
in the e-mails that they send you ( if you're lucky to get an e-mail at all)
   if the questions get too hard for their "SUPER-DEALER EGO'S". If we are
going to be paying dues , I'd like to know the ratio of Collectors (
International Meteorite Collectors Association- not dealers)to dealers.
Please forgive the Java. That's It - I'm Out - Good Night All (IMCA #
0583) > To: "Ron DiIulio" <starman_at_unt.edu>
>To: <adamhupe_at_comcast.net>
>CC: <Meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com>
>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] OT- Our position regarding the IMCA
>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 10:17:24 -0600
>Hi Adam (and the rest of the list).
>As one who was recently 'scammed' by a fraudulent dealer through ebay, I
>can only laud the efforts of the IMCA to notify its members of possible
>frauds. Although my ebay "win" was quite small, I discovered---much to my
>disappointment---that ebay is quite reluctant to get involved in any form
>of dispute. So...as has been said..."buyer beware".
>If I had read some of this group's, and IMCA's threads, prior to my sale I
>would have seen all the warning flags and removed myself from the auction.
>Unfortunately, I was traveling and missed the threads. However, because of
>many emails from this list and IMCA members I chose to pay the fraudulent
>seller via an escrow service so I could have you guys examine the specimen.
>He never responded to any of my emails, nor to the escrow service.
>Consequently, I never sent any payment.
>As a result I have my first negative response which ebay will not consider
>It's interesting to note, however, that the seller (glassface1) has a 100%
>negative rating already, but ebay wouldn't respond to my call to take a
>closer look at him.
>Oh well...it was an inexpensive learning experience--it only cost me my
>first negative feedback!
>Ron DiIulio
>Planetarium and Astronomy Lab Director
>Physics Department
>University of North Texas
> >>> "Adam Hupe" <adamhupe_at_comcast.net> 03/08/04 04:53PM >>>
>Dear List members,
>We recognize that the List and IMCA are two different entities. Since they
>cross over sometimes we thought we would state our position regarding the
>IMCA. If you are not interested please just delete this message and no
>will have been done.
>It was mentioned that my brother, Greg and I do not belong to the IMCA. We
>have been members since its inception and fully endorse the efforts of this
>group. We do not post often because the group is managing itself pretty
>well. In our opinion, the IMCA is evolving into a highly respected entity
>by going to non-profit corporation status. It seems like the natural thing
>to do since the IMCA is more and more becoming a recognized authority on
>such important subjects such as authenticity.
>Although the group has limitations regarding ebay issues, Ken is doing a
>professional job contacting sellers who are marketing questionable items.
>am sure this has reduced the number of frauds being committed by accident
>otherwise and for this we should all be thankful. It takes a lot of effort
>to contact these vendors and for this the IMCA should be applauded. Almost
>everybody including ourselves has been scammed at one time or another and
>leaves a bad taste that lasts a long time. If some buyers can be spared
>this I do not see a problem in trying to prevent it.
>As far as law suites go, we would be willing to pay for lab time and a
>professional scientist's report on questionable material if legal action
>brought to bear against the IMCA. We hope to see IMCA become the benchmark
>on authenticity that only a coherent group as a whole can produce. The
>can only reach this goal as a collective group, more powerful than any
>single individual.
>We fully endorse the IMCA,
>Adam and Greg Hupe
>The Hupe Collection
>IMCA 2185
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