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From: Robert Verish <bolidechaser_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:48 2004
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Hello John, Adam and List,

I agree with what Adam said, particularly about
"it depends on what you are familiar with".

For instance, Rob Matson uses a Garmin model that
predates John's 12XL (it's the same one that he was
using in the image I took of him when he made his
first find [Silver Dry Lake] - and can be seen in his
MeteoriteTimes.com article). Not only is he very
familiar with his unit, but he has written his own
software programs for his unit so that he can map out
track logs and plot waypoints. His unit is a
workhorse too, and it is obviously working very
successfully for him. Besides, if he were to move up
to a newer series of GPS, he would have to reinvest
into a whole new suite of mapping software.

I suppose, John, since you are familiar with the
Garmin 12XL, and you were to move up to the eTrex
series, the main thing you might notice is the
difference in how TrackLogs are handled. But if
you're not in the habit of recording your TrackLog,
then this difference would be transparent to you, and
you may find this a smooth transition.

But, if you are like me and you download all of your
tracklogs and plot them out onto a topo base map, then
you may want to get back to me on that, because I
could write many more paragraphs on that subject.

What I can add of some value to this thread is a
discussion about compatibility - the sharing of GPS
download files among members of a team of searchers.

Most searchers are solitary hunters with no need for
sharing of track or waypoint files, so there will be
no need for those people to read any farther. But the
way to go in the future will be with well-organized
teams with compatible GPS systems connected to laptops
and linked by satelite. Real-time sharing of TRK and
WPT files along with exchanging of jpg files with this
data superimposed on map images.

Garmin has made a bid to capture this niche with their
new Rhino model. More accessories, bells, and
whistles than I have room to write, but the major
appeal of this new toy is the ability to show on the
map display the location of all the other team members
that are in 2way radio contact with each of the other
GPS units.

But new models keep coming out so frequently that I
find it impossible to maintain compatibility among any
number of team members. Just when you get everyone
committed to a particular series of Garmin and DeLorme
or MapSource software, then Magellan come out with the
Meridian and the MapSend software which takes
advantage of the commonality and ease of use of the SD
Data Card.

It will hurt my pocketbook to admit this, but I
predict that Garmin will lose out, and there will be a
wholesale shift among GPS users, such as ourselves, to
the this new Magellan Meridian series.

The ability to download data to to these data cards,
and the ease in which they can be swapped and shared -
in the field - is an attraction that I am finding too
hard to resist.

I guess I will have to sell more of my LA meteorite in
order to afford this whole new set of "toys"!
BOb V.

[meteorite-list] GPS Recommendations
Adam Hupe adamhupe_at_comcast.net
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 20:01:02 -0800

Hi John and List,

I use both a Garmin and a Magellan and like them both.
 I use the Magellan more often because the batteries
last longer, it seems to lock in quicker and I can
download/upload data to my computer. I purchased a
cheaper Garmin because I misplaced the Magellan so it
isn't really a fair comparison because I am comparing
a cheaper model Garmin to a top-of-the-line Magellan.
I am sure if I purchased the more expensive Garmin I
would be just as pleased. Both are very good units so
I guess it depends on what you are familiar with.

All the best,


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> Hello All,
> I have used a Garmin 12XL for the past four years
and it's a real workhorse. I'm sending it back to
Garmin for some updates and I want to purchase a
second unit to use while the work is being done. Any
of you
meteorite hunters have any suggestions...Matson,
Verish, Farmer, Hupes?
> Best,
> John Gwilliam

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