[meteorite-list] Mr. X wants an apology!!!!

From: Tom aka James Knudson <knudson911_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
Message-ID: <014901c4060c$c74b6dc0$c4cc43d8_at_malcolm>

 Hello List, Mr. X wrote;

"And finally, you broke one of the major list rules and posted a message I
sent to you privately. Even though you didn't mention my name, you
violated the rule. You need to follow through and tell the list about my
final post to you yesterday and then apologize to the list. You are a
selective reader. My reference to the 900 lbs of Old Woman and Norton's
reference are about two totally separate issues. Evidently you can't
understand that."

"You need to follow through and tell the list about my final post to you
yesterday and then apologize to the list."

Ok, here is the final post I got from him after my post about Norton's

Proud Tom,
Hey, Tom....I didn't say they didn't take 900 lbs of the Old Woman. All I
said was they didn't NEED 900 lbs of it for study. They could have removed
a fraction of what they did and had plenty for research. What THEY really
did was flex their political muscle to take possession of a really
wonderful meteorite. Removing a large piece of it was criminal...IMHO.
PS...as long as I'm addressing you I'll let you know I wasn't very
impressed with you story about your middle (I guess my middle name). I've
known Randy for a long time, and I think he was making fun of you.

"and then apologize to the list."

Okay, list, I am sorry!

Mr. X also said;
 "From what I've read on the list recently, I'm not the only person that
wishes you would make good on your statements about leaving the list."

Well Mr. X, I enjoy this list, I love meteorites, but because of you and
your two clones I can not even ask the list a question with out you three
jumping all over me! One of you three never even post about meteorites, only
"chimps", but you three think that you are so much better than me and can
say what ever you want to and it's okay! Well I am not on this list to get
insulted by the three "list gods" and sense I can not enjoy the list with
out you three getting all over my case, I will grant you three your wish and
leave, it is not worth it!

Thanks, Tom
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