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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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A very interesting issue is that, as Kevin stated, nobody seemed to take =
notice of this remarkable paper published in Bibliotheque Britannique =
(Geneva). This journal was highly recognized and read in the early 19th =
century. Famous scholars like Biot, Howard, DeLuc, or Chladni published =
articles or issued letters. One can assume, that Carl von Schreibers and =
Chladni knew about it. Chladni for example did not miss any publication =
those time as he constantly added information to his compilation of new =
and historical meteorite falls and finds. His book "Feuermeteore" =
published in 1819 is a great outcome of this task. Not only does it =
lists all meteorites known so far, it also is a good source for the =
literature published.=20
Alois von Widmannstetter (Widmannstaetten) itself was never very focused =
on meteorites, so it wouldn't surprise if he did not know about the =
Thomson paper ...but the others! Thomson is not mentioned in the famous =
book by Carl von Schreibers (Beytr=E4ge zur Geschichte und Kenntniss =
meteorischer Stein und Metallmassen...), Vienna, 1820 (an original copy =
of this great folio is in the MetBase Libary!) and Widmanstaetten is =
fully honoured for his invention (the nature printing) and the =
Widmannstaetten figures are named after him.

A nice idea to change the "Widmannstaetten structure" to "Thomson =
structure". However, "Thomson structure" reminds me more of some =
terrestrial impact crater than of the crystallographic orientation =
relationship of iron, which is well established term in metallury and =


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> > Well, I better wait until the real name is revealed! :-)
> Hello Anita, Moni, and List,
> a) William Thomson who later became "Lord Kelvin" lived
> from 1824-1907. He can't be the one who first discovered
> what is now commonly called the Widmannstaetten pattern.
> b) William G. Thomson =3D> 1761-1806. He is the one that
> Kevin is talking about in his wonderful article "A Rose by
> Any Other Name"
> c) The "p" on Thomson is probably a misspelling that you find
> both in O.R. Norton's "Encyclopedia of Meteorites" (p. 184)
> and in its predecessor "Rocks From Space" (p. 222).=20
> You also find this spelling in V.F. Buchwald's volumes on
> iron meteorites (p.115), but the spelling is correct in R. W.
> B=FChler's "Meteorite" (p. 141), in J.G. Burke's "Cosmic Debris"
> (p. 429, Name Index), and in D.W. Sears' "Nature and Origin
> of Meteorites" (p. 7).
> Kevin will surely clear this up when he is back from Costa Rica
> where he is "out of touch until April 2".
> Hope this helps,
> Sincerely,
> Bernd
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