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From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Jul 23 19:04:09 2004
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Dear Greg;
Try a trip to your super walmart.....the "tupperware-like" plastic boxes
have handles, hinges, latches, and are "nest-able". Cost? Less than
$10, try it, I really like mine. I did let them sit in the direct Sun a
couple of days to degas the plastic.
Works for me,
Dave Freeman
mjwy (the thread killer)

greg Edwards wrote:

>Which gets us back to my original question. In your terms, does anyone
>know where to obtain a good "palet" that could hold 50 or so
>micromount boxes at one time? It would be nice if these could stack
>into a standard size container (picture a picnic basket with palets of
>micromounted meteorites being carried by Dorothy on a trip across Oz)?
>Thank you
>Greg Edwards
>On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 18:41:19 +0200, Meteoryt.net <marcin_at_meteoryt.net> wrote:
>>>1) Putting the stone /iron into a ziplock plastic bag with a piece of VCI
>>>paper, does the paper then emit some kind of protection onto the
>>>2)Would there be any idea to first treating the specimen with VCI and then
>>>store it in a membranebox ?
>>I also want to say that........
>>Meteorites would rust also becouse they are not polished and not good heated
>>before cuting or polishing and if they not rust now, they can rust in near
>>future becouse they are not cleaned/protected sufficient.
>>There is also problem how we want show ours collection. Storing in zip-bags
>>is ugly, make mess and its not easy to show our specimens. Membrane boxes
>>are fine, becouse You can see specimen from both sides, but they are more
>>expensive and not have palets to hold more boxes in one place. Its verry
>>difficult to have order if You have 50 small boxes stored somewhere. F.e.
>>small, 1" membrane boxes fit to palets from my small and medium acrylic
>>boxes, becouse size it near the same.
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