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Date: Fri Jul 23 12:40:41 2004
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> 1) Putting the stone /iron into a ziplock plastic bag with a piece of VCI
> paper, does the paper then emit some kind of protection onto the
> ?
> 2)Would there be any idea to first treating the specimen with VCI and then
> store it in a membranebox ?

I also want to say that........
Meteorites would rust also becouse they are not polished and not good heated
before cuting or polishing and if they not rust now, they can rust in near
future becouse they are not cleaned/protected sufficient.

There is also problem how we want show ours collection. Storing in zip-bags
is ugly, make mess and its not easy to show our specimens. Membrane boxes
are fine, becouse You can see specimen from both sides, but they are more
expensive and not have palets to hold more boxes in one place. Its verry
difficult to have order if You have 50 small boxes stored somewhere. F.e.
small, 1" membrane boxes fit to palets from my small and medium acrylic
boxes, becouse size it near the same.

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