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From: Becky and Kirk <bandk_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Jul 7 22:00:19 2004
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Hello All,
        Thank you for all of the help that many of you have offered me since I
asked the other day. I'm sure that over time I will become much more
knowledgable as I get to know the hobby better; with your help of
course. Thank you.
        Allan Lang, if you are out there, please get back to me about your
offer you e-mailed me about the other day. Thank you.
                        Best to all,
Rob Wesel wrote:
> Hello all -
> We have seen a lot of the new NWA 3118 CV3 in it's individual and fragment
> form but not much sliced. I have a few pieces expertly prepared, all showing
> abundant chondrules and most showing a huge inclusion that ran straight
> through the piece. What you see in the photos is all that I have available.
> Priced at:
> 0.1-10.0 grams $8 per gram
> 10.1-20.0 grams $7 per gram
> 20.1-40.0 grams $6 per gram
> >40 grams $5 per gram
> All are sliced nice and thin around 2mm
> I also have two pieces of just the inclusion material that is a sliced
> nodule found in the strewnfield, a meteorite within a meteorite showing it's
> own fine chondrules.
> 0.5 gram endcut $50
> 3.3 gram endcut $300
> Photos here, sorry to have to use the scanner but they are so polished that
> the camera flash was causing all kinds of hell:
> http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/robandcolleen11197/album?.dir=/b740
> I also have a few of these left, $12 each:
> http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/robandcolleen11197/detail?.dir=/2146&.dnm=b354.jpg
> Rob Wesel
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