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From: E. L. Jones <jonee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Jul 7 22:13:58 2004
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Yes as to the glass and amorphous nature of moldavites. The New Agers
aren't concerned with technical accuracy.

 I have some ozocerite (aka Olefinite(?)) that the late Darryl Futrell
gave me. I believe some early naturalist thought tektites reported that
they were hardened wax or prehistoric slag and the story can still be

  Ozocerite isn't considered a valid mineral species any longer owing to
its petroleum hydrocarbon nature and chemical variation. It has been
discussed on the list in ages past I think. However to my knowledge
today, there is no connection between either.

Ozocerite has been found in Arizona, Utah, The Netherlands and France.
It has a crystal form but is usually found in stalagmitic form. I
believe it also found in coal mines occassionally. Its origin is
uncertain but probably was left over when high grade crude petroleum
evaporated. It is essentially natural paraffin wax as you saidMEtlist.


minador wrote:

>Hi list,
>I saw a seller selling a Moldavite as a "great channeling crystal". Aren't
>Moldavites a type of impactite glass, and thus lacking crystal structure
>Also, I was checking in an old geology dictionary, and it mentions that
>Moldavites are a type of ozocerite (also spelled ozokerite). A mineral
>paraffin wax (aka mineral wax, fossil wax, earth wax & native paraffin).
>Has anyone heard of ozocerite and know how they are (were) associated with
>Mark Bowling
>Vail, AZ, USA
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