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Date: Mon Aug 23 00:12:08 2004
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Hi Bernd and all,

bernd.pauli_at_paulinet.de wrote:

Well, Mr. Ward did not have a metal detector, so, Indiana meteorite
collectors, get your metal detectors out and find that sucker !!!

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this mass and finding it.
Remember we had the one guy a couple years back that went there from Ohio and
was going to find in a matter of a few days to about a month and had signed a
partnership with the land owner to un-mass the missing meteorite. He also
warned people not to attempt to trespass as he had the authorities watching
and trespassers were going to be prosecuted. Did a lot of posting on the
meteorite list for a while.

He had all sorts of surveillance equipment that he was going to use by flying
over the area by plane and also out in the field. I think he was good at
getting people worked up and excited but never recovered any real meteorites.
He did the same thing in Ohio too. He seem to really get the newspaper
headlines around here.

I myself have been out hunting for it and numerous other parties (some that
are pretty good at what they do) have also hunted for it so far without any
indication of being able to find it. Farmers usually do a pretty go job of
burying big rocks when they got into the way. We have often wondered if there
really was that big of a main mass or not, and if some rock was thought to be
part of what was found of the real meteorite.

You would think that more material would have been found over the years but
so far nothing more has been found. The question of where the true spot the
meteorite was at is also in question and apparently some of the plots for the
area farms have changed, so it could be on an unrelated plot now and we're
looking in the wrong place. Perhaps someday it will turn up. All my best!

--AL Mitterling
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