[meteorite-list] Amgala allegatons: fact or fancy?

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Aug 9 10:01:36 2004
Message-ID: <20040809140133.73981.qmail_at_web12304.mail.yahoo.com>

I am really confused about something. From a posting
in april the hubes said that:
"Be careful about find location as we reported the
strewn field was between Amgala and Oum Dreyga the
very first post we made on the subject. An unrelated
L5, W2 black chondrite find was being mixed in at
first skewing the strewn field results".
In the beginning it was some mystery meteorite being
sold as amgala but now it is Zag that is being sold as
amgala. So is there one or two meteorites now being
substituted as amgala? And what happened to the
"Mystery" meteorite. Did that one ever get classified
and named?
On another note I have seen many kilos of Zag and it
would be extremily hard for me to believe that almost
all dealers (Or even 65% of them) would get confused
between zag and amgala. Ignoring the fact that Zag is
now very weathered and it would be hard to find kilos
upon kilos that some moroccan just warehoused for 6
years without trying to sell it the cut surface dont
look the same and amgala rusts out much faster than
zag. No Zag found in the last year could possibly be
confused with amgala.
But I am wondering where this mystery meteorite went
and when did the moroccan dealers stop selling the
mystery meteorite as amgala and then switch to Zag and
start selling Zag instead as amgala?
Also, how much of this mystery meteorite is out there,
does anybody have photos of the mystery meteorite that
they could show me.

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