[meteorite-list] Denver Show - the Auction Friday Night

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:00 2004
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        I second Ginger's response about the current list discussions.
Let's get back to meteorites.
        The auction last night was super, we all shared a common bond
and had a wonderful time. This is what is great about the meteorite
community. Many good buys could have been had, of course we had the Dean
Bessey "showcase", how many thin sections and NWAs do you have Dean??
Man it was a blast.
        The Denver show has been slow, but nonetheless, it is one of the
premier meteorite showcases in the world. Personally I bought many kgs
of meteorites, traded some, sold a few, and shared stories with all the
other collectors and dealers. The conversations are "worth" more than
the meteorites, I think. It was the right time to reflect and heal.

Best wishes,
Matt Morgan
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The Denver Show is not the same this year because many of
our friends were not able to make it, including our
auctioneer, Michael Blood. Our Colorado Meteorite Club had worked hard
to put together the second annual meteorite auction in Denver and there
seemed to be an interest so we decided to hold it in spite of the news
of the week. You will not hear any opinions from me about *greedy
dealers* etc., as I think the auction is more of a fun event than a
commercial endeavor. A chance for buyers (dealers are buyers too) to
get a little bargain here and there and for people from around the
world to come together with a mutual interest in meteorites. We had
about 30+ folks for the auction and we did indeed have a good time which
I think we all needed and I don't feel a bit guilty about. We missed
Michael B. but Mike Jensen filled in and did a great job.
Anne B. and I did all the paper work (what a job and I
didn't have time to even bid on anything or take pictures), others
helped bring in the meteorites and show them around.
Many local COMET members had worked on getting our location, food,
chairs, etc., so it was really a great group effort all the way around.
I saw many old friends and met some new ones. Met Mike Farmer for the
first time after many e-mails over the last two years. Met the Big
Collector (Mark B.), a really nice young guy who fit right in. Great to
see so many people did make it. I'm off to the Show in a few minutes
and hope to find a bargain or two and will most likely be at our COMET
party tonight. We really do miss all of you who were not able to make
it and will look forward to more normal times for next year. Hope to
get some pictures today and this evening to post somewhere for those
interested. Even though I didn't hear any political discussions at the
auction last night (thank goodness) I'm sure we were all still thinking
about the people still suffering.


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