[meteorite-list] Re: Redneck defined, ego restrained

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:00 2004
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<< Greg:>>
Before we continue, would you mind very much calling me by my actual name,
which is Gregory? Or would you have no problem with me taking it upon myself
to call you "Kev"?
  << "Nigger" is an example of an "ugly epithet". I stand by my use of
"redneck" as appropriate for the message I wanted to convey. While most
Blacks prefer not to be called "niggers", many Whites proudly identify
themselves as "Rednecks" with bumperstickers using this adjective displayed
on their "pick-em-ups". I trust that you can differentiate the respective
perceptions of these two terms. >>

Unfortunately, the despicable word "nigger" is all too frequently
deliberately and proudly used in today's extremely popular rap music, exactly
the same as some whites unfortunately use the word "redneck" as a similarly
warped and sarcastic "badge of honor". I find both cases to be
extraordinarily demeaning and insulting. Do YOU perceive the similarity? I
stand by my analogy << as appropriate for the message I was trying to
convey>>. By the way, writing down to someone, as in << I trust you can
differentiate >>, is not a very good example of your newly announced,
so-called <<ego restrained>>.

<< You do agree, I'll assume, that grossly objecting ("selfish",
"un-patriotic", "everyone should block his mail") to Matteo for doing
business while everyone else is doing business is ....... Racist?
Anti-Italian? Anti-USA Patriotic? >>

This filthy "assumption" is so colossally wrong that I'm stumbling blindly
here, searching for words, and I'm literally trembling with anger at it.
The notion that there is anything here remotely suggesting racism or
anti-Italian sentiment is just really upping the ante of ugliness, Kevin.
Your "assumption" that a post which is critical of Matteo's business
practices should automatically be regarded as a post that is critical of his
origin/nationality is beneath contempt, and is eye-opening about the
"assumer". Forget Matteo for the moment, and turn this around to me, Kevin.
I am being highly critical of YOUR statements. Do you regard that as an
attack on whatever nationality you are? I've never met you, I don't know
where you live, I don't have a clue what your heritage is, I don't know if
you're white, black, beige, mauve, or purple, and frankly I couldn't care
less. But if I KNEW those things, do you think my criticism of your words
would be grounded in that? Your inexplicable desire to bring racism into
this, especially just after reaffirming your proud "redneck" insult, is more
breathtaking than the first go-round.

<< C'mon Greg, don't you feel the same? >>

Not hardly, Kev.

I'll fight to the death for your right to say whatever you want, but I'll
argue its deplorable content every step of the way.


Many listees have expressed the desire to largely return to
meteorite-discussions. I'm not sure I agree with that, but out of deference
to them I would suggest that you and I take any further discussion off-list.
If there is anyone else out there who is masochistic enough ;-) to want to
join in, they would be welcome, creating a small, temporary mini-list.
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