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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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Your reply to my post touched me deeply. Thank you very much. I will post it
on the list.

I understand that you are "totally agnostic". The wonderful thing is that, even
with our "religious" differences, we still hold to the ideal that all people can
be good and should be treated with respect regardless of Nationality or
Religious views or Race.

I believe that there is truth and some misconceptions in all the major
religions. As well as being a Christian I also strongly believe in much of the
Buddhist teachings. In the Buddhist tradition I believe that we are all
connected to a common "force". We are all ONE. I sense from your reply that
you feel the same. Perhaps by some sad fate the evil people of this world have
lost this connectedness.

I also pray for peace and for that day when we all realize that we are one is
this beautiful world.

Thank you for taking the time to share. I am honored.

Mike Tettenborn
Owen Sound, Ontario


Michel Franco wrote:

> Mike
> Thanks for your post. If you have two minutes, please, do read this post. It
> was not forwarded to anyone except you, as I feel the BTA changed many
> behaviours.
> I feel very sad, like anyone with a heart, with the actual american
> disaster. I have expressed it in very early thoughts on this list ( my post
> was relayed by Anne-Impactita, with my simple words , as english is not my
> mother language) all my concerns and feelings, my personnal support to all
> the innocent people that where injurded or killed in this WW catastrophy.
> I am 51, I choose my own way of life, long ago, in expeditions and hasardous
> travels.A self supported way. I have lost friends on the peace field, not on
> the war field, sorry for those here that survived men horrroy, only on the
> life-adenturous field, just because as a group leader, I was involved in
> managing people with a simple idea, such as why don't we sail to Antarctica
> to see what is down there, or what will we say reaching the the higest sand
> dune of the world (Algeria). More recently, I decided to discover what I
> will feel finding a simple anonymous meteorite from the ground. In Libya,
> Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauretania... Yes I have been
> there, recently. In arabic countries, with only muslim around...
> I have succeeded in most of my commitments. And I met a lot of unkown
> anonymous persons ( shall I say muslims) who helped me to fulfill my
> personal commitments. Many had not my own culture, all had a religion. I
> never felt I was different, so did they. I always felt we were one the same
> ship (Earth). these considerations are only personal. Today, I would like to
> say that we live all on the same planet. And that there is a major linkage.
> I think that survivors, like all people that read this thread should
> consider we that we must all work for a better understanding of our
> diffrerences and be tolerant not arrogant.
> I wish to thank you to be the first to clearly show that muslims and
> terrorists are not of the same brand. Way from that.
> I am french; i.e. I inherited a french passport from my parents. I am
> agnostic. Totally agnostic, although I inherited also a christian culture
> from my country and genitors. Meteorites and all creation related topics
> made me fell aside religions. I am desperate to find out where we ALL come
> from, to scientifically find out the origin of life on Earth. That is why I
> hunt for meteorites because I think that future knowledge will be found in
> studing new ones and possibly some meteorites will help to understand where
> we ALL come from. But that is a too much meteorite topic in our very
> tourmented days.
> As you, I have a lot of foreign ( different culture or religion) friends.
> Many are live in arabic countries. I feel that we are all victims of the Big
> Terrorist Act. I feel that all should look back to what we have done in
> Afganistan, in Pakistan, in Saudi Arabia and understand that the previous
> past World strategy, - funding and supporting Bin Laden and the Pakistanese
> power ten year ago- was a very very bad choice, that all the people that
> supported these fundings must be in perfect agreement with thier past.
> I did not liked some list people posts about the French been supporting
> arabic terrorism. I just want to remember that we ( the French) had a wave a
> terrorists attacks in the 90's in France, that we, the humble French people,
> had to face a possible high-jacked plane to crash on Paris in 94. These
> attacks where the facts of terrorists. Integrist terrorists were arabs ,
> muslims terrorists and arabs ( or berber) but arabs are not ALL terrorists.
> And we, the small french people made enough work to arrest the famous
> Carlos, you remember, that terrorist who was the thinking and acting brain
> of the Munich Oympic Games murdery, the guy who later organized several
> plane highjacking in Europ. The Number one terrorist in the world, some
> year ago. Nevertheless I still have very good arab friends, who trust me and
> who I trust.
> I was very recently on the other side of the berm, you know that sand wall
> between Morocco and Western Sahara, with Polisario people, with arab people,
> with muslim people, me the westerner, the supposed to be catholic, me the
> agnostic. I act as a peronnal individual, not working for any governmental
> agency, just making my choices and decisions to acomplish my goals. And I
> shared a greasy camelbump wooden fire cooked as a precious gift, under a
> accacia, far where few whitemen have been, a gift from a guy who is in
> fighting against people who invaded his land, a 60 years old guy ,who has
> lost his two sons at war, a guy who is in Resistance since 26 years. ( yes
> 26 years !) today, a good friend of mine. And I am a pacifist. But I do not
> fell white nor arab nor muslim when I am there. I fell like a human. That 's
> all. And he felt the same.
> I pray for peace, everyday. I pray for love and happiness. This nomad is
> still praying for peace. He is ready to let all his weapons down if he can
> recover the peace land of his ancestors.
> I have 2 kids and live for thier future. Please do not sink in actual
> common reaction. Pease be active to change word politic in order to avoid
> other innocent murders.
> Tett, please tell your friends that we MUST all fight for peace. Yes fight,
> because peace is unstable, let's overcome the last TWC actions, we are
> supposed to deal with future, we, the meteorite people, looking far in the
> past to understand where we all come from.
> We represent a chance for the future. Our meteorite community, even if it
> is mostly made out of english speaking language, i.e. today with deeply
> wounded people, must look for the peacefull future and spend as much energy
> in building a survivable future as it spends in looking in the deeper past.
> Tett, I know you can explain to your friends that muslims are not
> terrorists. BTW tell your fiends that these muslims are pretty good at
> meteorite hunting !
> Crossing fingers for a peacefull future,
> Sincerely yours,
> Michel FRANCO.
> PS If you feel it can help, you can forward this post to the list.
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> > Stop this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >
> > We can not go and attack a religion because a few bastard fanatics twist
> it's teachings.
> >
> > First, I must state that I do not know any of the Koran. I am a
> Christian. With that said I will go on.
> >
> > I spoke with a very good friend last night who is a Muslim. One of my
> yearly highlights is to go on a weeks kayak
> > trip with Mohammed and some other friends. Mohammed is as kind and gentle
> a person as any that I have had the honor
> > to know. His respect for all life and creation is awesome. He also knows
> the Koran and I asked him some very
> > pointed questions about it. This is what he had to say and I believe him.
> >
> > "No where does this book advocate violence against non Muslims. No where
> does this book mention Christians or Jews
> > as the enemy. This book is simply one that begs people to get closer to
> God and , like the Bible, focuses on love
> > and peace."
> >
> > Countless other atrocities have been carried out in the name of Christ as
> well. Just study the history of Central
> > America or look to the United States history over the past 200 years. The
> very fabric of our western culture has
> > been shaped by people killing other people in the name of Christ. Hitler
> also used the Bible as a tool to lend
> > credence to what he did.
> >
> > Please do not go and think that every Muslim believes in this Jihad. They
> don't!
> >
> > As a Christian, there is only one path. That is to embrace all of God's
> children with love. The wonderful thing is
> > that this thread is also woven into the other major religions of today.
> >
> > Yes, we do have enemies and I believe that they have turned away from God.
> Yes, we must stop this brutality and
> > take the offensive. But, we are no better than those that organized and
> carried out this mission against all of
> > civilization if we are to go and wage war against a religion and against a
> people that have the unlucky fortune to
> > be identified with these terrorists.
> >
> > If we do wage war against Muslims and a people in general then the
> terrorists have won. Let's find out who did this
> > and stop them.
> >
> > Mike Tettenborn
> >
> >
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