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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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Very eloquent, Cathi.

  I too was in the 6th grade and had an experience similar to yours. That
evening, family crowded around our small black and white television and
watched the news coverage of the assassination. The world has changed so
much since that era, and we will see it change again...in giant steps.

Thanks for sharing your memories and your insight.

Best Regards,

John Gwilliam

At 08:31 PM 9/13/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear friends throughout the world,
>I was in the cafeteria of my elementary school in my hometown of Dallas,
>Texas as a 6th grader on 22 November 1963 when I learned that President John
>F. Kennedy was assassinated. School was dismissed early that day and my
>best friend Kim Davis and I walked home together without speaking. My
>parents were at work and neither of us wanted to go to her house, so the two
>of us sat mostly in silence on my front porch for the rest of the afternoon.
>We both had just turned 11 years old. We cried a lot, and when we did talk,
>it was to ask how this could happen where we lived - in our city. We also
>asked each other over and over what was going to happen now? I have never,
>ever forgotten how I felt on that day. Somehow Kim and I both knew that the
>world in which we had awoken that morning no longer existed. And we were
>There was no Internet in those days. There wasn't even color television
>yet. People looked at the second hands on their clocks/watches when making
>a long distance telephone call because that was such an expensive thing to
>On Tuesday morning, watching the horrific events unfolding in New York City,
>just 250 miles from where we live, I experienced the emotions of all those
>many years ago. Why? Why? Why? My purpose for writing this is not to
>rehash anger, demand retaliation or denounce anyone . . . my feelings in
>that regard are strong, but will remain private. I write this to say that
>the Internet is truly a remarkable venue. I cannot think of any one single
>piece of technology that has allowed the world to come together as a family
>. . . both in times of joy and in times of sorrow. I remember all the
>congratulatory emails that have poured forth as list members have found
>meteorites, had babies, had birthdays, etc. I have read, with tears in my
>eyes, all the wonderful tributes to Darryl Futrell's family at his recent
>passing. Over the years, I have seen list members argue, debate, defile one
>another, kiss and make up, be supportive of each other, express admiration
>of each other . . . you name it and I believe we have all seen it here.
>This forum has evolved from a "list" to a global family. I read with tears
>in my eyes all the supportive emails that those of us in America have
>received from members throughout the world. This group is like any other
>family . . . we may fight and bicker amongst ourselves, but when one of us
>is wronged, all are wronged.
> >From New York and from the United States of America . . . thank you to you
>all. We are strong. We are survivors. We are grateful to all those those
>have come to our aid. We mourn and pray for all those people who are lost
>or missing . . . and whose families grieve. The world in which we all awoke
>on Tuesday morning is no longer. Justice will be done. Those who must pay
>will pay. And then we must all build a better world . . . together.
>May God have mercy on us all.
>Cathi Casper
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