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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
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i thought i might forward a note i received from a friend...

In a message dated Wed, 12 Sep 2001 4:50:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time:

> Darryl-
> I'm so sorry to hear that you lost friends and/or loved ones yesterday. Would they be people I know? I'd like to send condolences.
> Spring Street was close enough for me and Steven to have witnessed the second tower collapse before our eyes, but not before I saw a man jump from a high floor in the most unforgettable embrace of life I have ever seen. He spread his arms wide and did the most graceful swan dive, a mythic figure, like Icarus, surrendering to his fate, a final, majestic and heroic act, choosing to fly before he died.
> Apparently, many people jumped. I saw only this man and will never, ever forget it.
> My neighborhood is cordoned off, no people on the street, no cars, eerily silent. Only residents may come and go. If the winds had blown to the North
> yesterday and Manhattan had been engulfed in smoke, it would have been bedlam. Never have I been more grateful for an easterly wind. Cruelly, it
> was the probably the most beautiful day of weather in NYC this summer.
> Steven and I are safely inside, windows closed to protect against toxic fumes and asbestos, and waiting along with the rest of the world for what will follow.
> The world as we knew it is no longer.
> Keep in touch-
> Love,
> Marina
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