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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
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Hi Bernd,
       Your perception of said photos is prophetic and in-depth. I recognize
All the best,
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Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001 12:27 AM
Subject: [meteorite-list] Photos from New York

>Geoff posted several photographs:
>> My photographs from yesterday:
>> http://www.notkin.net/disaster.htm
>Dear Geoff and List, and NYC !
>Thank you for posting these artistic documents of a human failure! My
>personal attention was immediately drawn to the following pictures in
>the first sequence:
>1. Photo #6 with all those birds sitting, as it were, "impartially" on
> the phone lines.
>2. Photo #8 "All Pedestrian Traffic. This "huge" orange sign almost
> "wipes out" the horrendous tragedy unfolding in the background.
> And some of those pedestrians only constitute a "minor" part of
> the photo.
>3. Photo #12 is very compelling: 2 (two !!) pigeons representing peace,
> love, in most people's minds ... BUT: their silhouettes are crossed
> and they are immersed in black shadow. The tragedy itself which is
> unfolding in the background, is immersed in bright light (and a
> pale, blue sky).
>Thank you Geoff!
>Good night from here,
>P.S.: Thank you all for your wonderful responses to my plans for
>tomorrow's teachings. Two young 15-year-old teenager girls (!) were
>walking behind me on my way from the school building to my car. I heard
>them discussing the irrational content of what happened. One of them
>said she just didn't understand why all those innocent people had to
>suffer. As long as there are such people in my country, I still feel
>safe and at home!
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