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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
Message-ID: <3B9FB22D.2D19_at_home.com>

Dear Friends,
        Like all of us, I was greatly saddened by the events of
yesterday. I was overwhelmed by the grief of the thousands of
parents, husbands, wives and children of the victims. If it were
"just" the hundreds of firmen who lost their lives it would be
a monumental catastrophy, but 10,000 per building....staggering.
        I am greatful Darryl and Jake were not directly endangered.
        I regret having to address this in the light of the grief we are
facing - but hearing the saber rattling and anti-Muslem rhetoric
brings out the point that "for evil to triumph requires that
good men do nothing." So, let us focus only on thoes truly responsible
and exterminate them as vermine. Please do not
heed retoric aimed at Islam in general. This is missplaced. The specific
perpatrators and the governments of the country(s) that knowingly
accommodate their training are the only true enemys. All religions have
at their core a "truth" and are designed to
facilitate comunion with God. Every religion falls victime
to dogma and has varying degrees of distorted fringe sects.
Should all Christians be held responsible for the inquisition?
Of course not. Nore Jews for the crucifiction, nore Muslims
for their fringe fanatics.
        As for the Denver Show, I have felt so weighed down by
the shere magnitude of grief that I considered cancelling - then
accepted that "life must go on" and that there is also a practical
element here, with many, many of our friends having come
here from other countries at great expense...of my commitment
to the COMETS.....and not least, the oportunity to connect with
friends rarely seen. This tragedy at least intensifies awareness
of my gratitude to have so many good friends. It arouses my
awareness of my love and appreciation of my family and such
good friends. As some have said, we cannot stop living fully or
we will have allowed the trorist bastards a victory.
        I was scheduled to leave for Denver at 2:55 this afternoon.
This morning, however, it was announced that Lindberg Field
is closed "AT LEAST until tomorrow" and that will make two
days of delayed passengers for rescheduling on United. It
begins to look very questionable as to whether it will be
POSSIBLE to make it to Denver under these circumstances.
Two days will mean a LOT of passengers trying to reschedule.
All lines are "busy," so, I have no idea what my chances are
at this time.
        I await further information as to whether I can honor my
commitment to the COMETS, connect with so many friends,
support my fellow dealers - especially those that have come
so far at so great an expense, conduct our auction and to
share a meal with everyone at the COMETS' dinner.
        I know such a loss pales in comparison to the magnitude
of grief of our brothers and sisters who have lost family and friends
back East are experiencing - and still, it IS a loss, and
one I am still uncertain as to the possibility of avoiding.
        As an American, I want to thank all forign list members for
their condolances.
        And to all list members, thank you all for being caring
        Sincerely, Michael
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