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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
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dear list-

thanks for the outpouring of inquiries. it has been completely surreal here.

i used an old press pass to get close. i can tell you that i'm in awe of both the extent of destruction and the acts of heroism that i've learned about today and which we will certainly be hearing about in the days ahead.
toppling icons. personal connections. two dear friends are unaccounted for. one is a new father...the other i was to see on thursday. a neighbor who i barely knew is missing. when i went to school to pick up my girlfriend's daughter, it was heartbreaking to see so many kids crying because one or both parents work downtown. a friend was nearly hysterical from having seen several people jump from seventy stories up. strangely, all of this news is tempered by the magnitude of today's events. like many of you, i'm numb. it's completely surreal.

what occurred today is, by any measure, barbaric--except for the perpetrators (who believe they've ascended to martyrdom and its supposed perks: the dozens of virgins in waiting, the bounty of food and drink, etc.).

only when there is respect for life, in THIS life, by all cultures, only then can we acheive the promise of humanity.

until then, for those of you who, like me, place an emphasis on the here and now, may the fates treat us and those near and dear to us kindly. with a prayer for the grieving, those who are fighting to live and those waiting at this very moment to be rescued from the insanity which has forever blackened this day. and with a prayer for the innocents in the line of fire tomorrow.

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