[meteorite-list] Opinion of Current Trends in Meteorite Prices

From: Martin Horejsi <martinh_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:56 2004
Message-ID: <B7BCE0DE.1D2A%martinh_at_isu.edu>

Tracy kindly wrote:
Collecting meteorites is like collecting comic books... or oriental
> rugs... or any other collectible."

Hi Tracy and All,

When I read that, I got this terrible pain in my gut. I cannot believe that
meteorites were lumped in with oriental rugs, and, gulp...comic books. In
all honesty, I think this is far from the truth.

I believe there are many reasons, both known to the collector and unknown,
that meteorites are preserved. And many of those reasons do not, or can not
apply to other collectables.

While there might be a new influx of meteorite collectors who consider them
just another thing like coins, stamps, and, again gulp...comic books, their
appeal to the collector will quickly wear off, and the nuevo collector will
move on to something less complex to collect.

The value of meteorite to a serious collector, in my opinion, is not found
in the physical existence of the meteorite, but rather what the meteorite
represents and will represent in the future.

If one wants to think of meteorites as an investment, that is fine. But they
are not a monetary investment, but rather an investment in knowledge and


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