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From: John Gwilliam <jkgdiver_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:12 2004
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List Members,
I'm offering for sale some very interesting material that looks like a
super mesosiderite. In the past, it has been sold under the names
"Putorano Plateau" , "Putorano Plato", and "Putorana". Putorana is the
name used by the researchers so that is what I will call it from now on. It
comes from a very remote area of Siberia, Russia. We obtained most of this
material that was available right after the Tucson Show last winter. Even
before the show, researchers were working on this rock to determine if it
was a meteorite or not. For several months, they were stumped. The iron
component contains nickel, and the larger iron blebs show a pattern very
similar to Widmanstatten pattern when etched. However, the final words
have been spoken by the researchers and it is not a meteorite.

Terrestrial iron specimens are themselves quite rare - they occur in only a
few places worldwide. This one in particular is about a 50/50 mix of iron
and rock matrix. A large percentage of this matrix is translucent and
ranges in color from gray, tan and green. Under magnification, specimens
show a lot of interesting features.

For those of you that are interested in taking a look at this material, go
to the web page below.


These prices are at a considerable discount from my previous price.

Best Regards,

John Gwilliam
John Gwilliam Meteorites
PO Box 26854
Tempe AZ 85285
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