[meteorite-list] 7 diferent Pampa meteorites in 33 km2

From: Rodrigo Martinez <benig_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:12 2004
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Donald O'Keeffe WROTE:
Hola Rodrigo and list,
I very much enjoyed seeing your meteorite collection. You have 7 different
chondrites from that area (Pampa a through g). Correct me if I'm wrong but,
when Dean and I were hunting the Pampa with you, I believe you told me that
you had found these in a 7 X 10 Km area.
The reason I bring this up, is that some academics and collectors find it
hard to believe that there are quite a few different types of stones to be
found in Gold Basin, an area larger than the Pampa.

Hola Donal and List
Donald, I agree with you, is strange to find such a diversity of meteorites
in a so small area and even more curious that everyone are L.
The Pampa area has the following dimension 4.862 x 6,752mts. and was
discovered in 1986 by my brother Edmundo, who found the first 4
specimens (Pampa A, B, C and E), published in Met. Bull. N65, N65,
N67 and N78 respectively. The year 1991 we have the visit of Michael
Zolenzky, NASA/ Jhonson Space Center, who knew the place and had
the luck of finding some meteorites specimens from the Pampa area. He
has classified and reclassified all the 7 meteorites found since 1986 to the
date. The last 3 specimens (Pampa D, F and G) is published in the Met.
Bull. N85.
Also, in the last 5 years, I have been marking the finding points with GPS,
data that are already in hands of Michael Zolenzky and I hope to see soon
a full publication of this curious discovery.
There are also two publications concerning to the high concentration of
meteorites in this small area call Pampa. Meteoritics, vol.27, page
285 Are There High Meteorite Concentrations in the Atacama Desert,
Chile? and Meteoritics, vol 27, page 254 New L Chondrites from
Antofagasta, Chile.

Best Regards

Rodrigo Martinez
Atacama Desert Meteorites
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