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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:10 2004
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On Sun, 07 October 2001, Charlie wrote:

> Martin wrote:
> >I am looking for information about the
> >suspected sort-of-witnessed fall of the
> >Plainview, Texas meteorite.
> Hello Martin and listmembers,
> During the most recent thread on slickensides,
> I inquired as to whether or not the 5th edition of the Catalog made note
> of the fact that Plainview(1917) might be a 1903 witnessed fall.
> I asked this because the specimen showing slickenside that I was dealing
> with was an individual of Plainview(1917), and because, like yourself
> Martin, I had also heard this story. Bernd kindly informed me that, no,
> the 5th edition made no mention of this story. I have a few
> questions/thoughts:
> 1) Does anyone know how long ago the 1903 stone was identified as being
> a specimen of Plainview(1917)?
> 2. When new information like this emerges, who, so to speak, picks up
> the stone and runs with it? To the Meteoritical Society, that is.
> If the 25 pound stone is a specimen of Plainview(1917), does this fact
> in conjunction with witness statements(?) re a 1903 fall warrant a
> change by the Nomenclature Com(?) from find to fall? I'm guessing the
> ranch workers must all be in their graves by now.
> 3. The 4th edition of the Catalog notes that the Death Valley stone has
> been assigned to this fall. Does anyone know where this stone was
> found? Surely not Death Valley, California?!
> Martin, I've always preferred falls to finds. I know you must be working
> hard on resolving the questions now surrounding Plainview(1917)
> I wish you all the luck and please keep us informed if you turn up any
> new leads!
> Best wishes,
> Charlie Devine


I think in Nininger's book "Out of the SkY" or perhaps "Our Stone Pelted Planet" the 1903 fall story is recounted.

I have one extremely fresh slice of Plainview that I got from Nininger many years ago. According to what he told me, it was from one of the very first picked up. It has fresh fusion crust along the edge, and the interior matrix is iron oxide stained, but still fresh.

I remember asking him about it, as I had obtained another Plainview stone from Huss that was much more weathered. Nininger told me that it was his view that the Plainview meteorite fell in 1903, and that the largest mass of it was noticed by a rancher sitting in his yard after a very bright fireball had been noticed the previously. As I recall, I remember the stone in question being 20 plus pounds in weight (the Plainview main mass) It sat in the yard for years, to 1917 till recognized.

I think, based upon this that there is a very good possibility that this meteorite did fall in 1903. Also the strewnfield is very long, 27 plus miles.

Steve Schoner

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