[meteorite-list] Butt-Ugly Meteorite Exhibit

From: Bob Martino <martino.6_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:10 2004
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Perkins Observatory (where I work) has had a softball-sized chunk of Campo
de Cielo in our meteorite exhibit case for several years now. This thing
is beyond butt-ugly, with rustticles erupting from deep within the specemin
and pushing off flakes and chunks of outer surface material. I've tried a
few times to stabalize this #_at_%$! thing, but no luck. The bits fall into
the case and make the whole exhibit look really crappy.

So I just went out and bought a small glass candy dish that looks nice.
I'm going to put the Campo in the dish and let it disintegrate to its
little heart's content. There will be a placard next to it that talks
about the weathering and destruction of meteorites by the Earth's
environment. Now it will be a real live "exhibit in action!"

Thank God I didn't pay too much for the stupid thing!

Bob Martino Can you really name a star?
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