[meteorite-list] Leonid Storm in 2002?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:12 2004
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After the show here in Flagstaff, with rates approaching or even exceeding 2000 per/hr, I have no doubt that if there is a storm of 35,000 per/hr that it will exceed 2000 show even with a nearly full moon.

So far the predictions have been right on the button, as 2001's two stage event (one for North America and the other greater show for Australia and E. Asia) proves.

The predictions made by the same forcasters say that North America will be situated for the best hit in 2002-- and they say perhaps 35,000 per/hour will be seen.

Now even if half to three quarters of these are washed out 10 to 15 thousand bright meteors in a moonlit sky is still a tremendous display.

And there might be some benefits to the full moon... those strange contrails left by bright meteorites should reveal some interesting aspects under such illumination.

2002's Leonids may be the real show...

Steve Schoner

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