[meteorite-list] Re: Leonid Storm in 2002?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:12 2004
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> And there might be some benefits to the full moon... those strange contrails left by bright meteorites should reveal some interesting aspects under such illumination.
> 2002's Leonids may be the real show...

Ooops, meant "meteors" not "meteorites....

Just thinking of that extremely bright meteor that I saw at 5:30 am as the Leonids were ending.

Here in Flagstaff it was SPECTACULAR. Brilliant blue green with a long orange tail with orange sparks trailing-- just like the video of the Peakskill meteorite fall.

Absolutely amazing, it cast shadows even though it was fifteen degrees above the northwest horizon, and moving to the East. It was an amazing fireball, unlike any that I have ever seen.

Did anyone here in Arizona see it? I know someone that did, and plan to get some triangulation figures. If I can get some observations then I might be able to track it down. If it was a far as I think it was it the fall path should be close to the Utah-Arizona line about midway between CA and NM.

Any observations made in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico or California would be appreciated.

For those in CA or Nevada, it must have been spectacular blazing almost overhead.

Steve Schoner.

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