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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:10 2004
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<< I didn't know it was even POSSIBLE to "pull" a piece off eBay under ANY
circumstances (HOW does one do that???) Isn't that TOTALLY against eBay
rules? It is certainly against auction rules, which, I believe, are LEGALLY
BINDING "contract" laws regarding auctions. >>

First - it is possible to pull a piece. It can be done by going to the
bidding history page for your auction and clicking on cancellation at the
bottom of the page.

Second - It is not against eBay rules
"You should only cancel bids if you have a good reason to. Also, please
remember that bids cannot be reinstated once they've been canceled. Here are
a few examples of a legitimate cancellation: .......You want to end your
auction early because you no longer want to sell your item. In this case you
must cancel all bids on your auction before ending the auction." From eBay
cancellation page

Third - It is not a legally binding contract until the auctioneer says sold.
In eBay's case that would be when the listing period ends.

    I doubt that the seller did anything illegal although it was pretty
flakey. He probably pissed off a few potential bidders. The major
difference between the auctions is that the earlier one was 3 days and the
second is for 10 days.

    By the way the shape is nice on the piece, but it looks like it was acid
cleaned. It probably doesn't look as nice in hand.

Eric Olson
Received on Sat 10 Nov 2001 12:11:25 PM PST

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