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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:26 2004
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[John Gwilliam:]

<< A few days ago, Rob Elliott made a post about our recent hunting trip to
the Holbrook strewn field. Below is the URL for the expanded version of the
trip along with a lot more pictures.

http://www.meteoriteimpact.com/holbrook.htm >>

This trip (finally) found me losing my "meteorite-hunting virginity"! I'm
grateful to the rest of the guys for sharing their hunting expertise (and for
the extra-tall meteorite magnet-cane Dave fashioned for me!). Dave and John,
the two real Holbrook-veterans, remarked any number of times just how
unusually successful this trip was, with ALL of us finding multiple
fragments, as can be see at the above site. And when you find that very
first one, it's a genuine thrill!

John carefully documented the whole thing on film and video, and Dave and
Anna (Mrs. Dave) were wonderful hosts, providing us with room and board
(incuding Dave's legendary green chile enchiladas) for the duration. The
"Empty Pockets Saloon" hosted a meteorite-aficionado pool tournament one
night, although Dave had the "home-table-advantage" and dominated the
competition. Rob was OK to have around too, I suppose, although he still has
a lot to learn about meteorites, and his son Jamie is more fun; sometimes
pleasing personalities only pop up every other generation. ;-)

The night before we all headed home, we sat out in Dave's backyard
star-gazing, and we all saw a magnificent bright meteor streak and split the
inky-black Arizona sky. It couldn't have been better if it was scripted!

'Twas great fun!

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