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<< Rob was OK to have around too, I suppose, although he still has
 a lot to learn about meteorites >>

Yeah, no kidding!
Gregory spent hours trying to teach me about krondules and fission
crustation, but I just didn't get it. Still, at least I beat him easily at
pool each evening.....as did my 13 year old son too ;-)

This was my second visit to the strewnfield and it's slim pickings there
these days, but we all had a great time hunting and even managed to track
down some of those elusive little black rocks from space (we saved some back
for Gregory to find when he eventually arrived ;-) )
On the way back from Holbrook, we passed through the town of Payson and
grabbed a quick McDonalds burger but didn't have time to visit Marvin and
Kitty Killgore before dashing on to catch a flight out of Phoenix. By
co-incidence, Marvin and Kitty were also heading towards the UK at about the
same time, and I've just spent an enojoyable evening with them both here at
Fernlea. A nicer couple in meteoritics you couldn't hope to meet.

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