AW: [meteorite-list] The SNC story - The Dilemma of Distrust and Defamation

From: Norbert Classen <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:23 2004
Message-ID: <>

Hi Matteo,

What I wanted to know is if the Italian researchers still
think that the SaU Shergottites are dislocated DaG finds.
Sometimes ago you wrote that they wanted to test the sand
grains of the SaUs to see ift it's possibly from Dar al
Gani. Not that I believe that this could be, but did they
publish any results of their investigations?

All the best,

Matteo wrote:
> Dear Norbert and all
> Yes the problem of the SNC find in Libya is very big.
> Many new hunter in Libya have find others pieces in
> the same site of the DaG 489 SNC but this have
> classificated with another number, no the same 489
> number. The founder of DaG 489 and 670 have found
> other little fragments of DaG 489 but probably, if he
> want, inform only the Met. Society others pieces of
> DaG 489 is find and the TKW is change, but no give
> another number. Who is have give me the confirm the
> DaG 876 is another SNC meteorite and no another piece
> of DaG 489 or 670 or 476 or 735 etc...? The problem is
> this, all DaG's SNC is equal and impossible find if is
> a piece of DaG 489, 670 etc...many have speculate time
> ago sale pieces of DaG 476 for DaG 489, and now the
> market is a total confusion. I am sorry for my bad
> english, if interested I put the email in italian and
> all of you translate this.
> Regards
> matteo
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