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Greetings Listees:

I have just returned from the G.S.A. Field Forum "Bolide Impacts on
Wet Targets," which visited numerous impact-related sites including
the Alamo Breccia in Nevada, and the Upheaval Dome in Utah. It was an
excellent adventure with much rock climbing and clambering about on
mountain tops. I had the pleasure of traveling with List member Matt
Morgan for a week (hi Matt). More on that excursion later.

In other news: Most of you probably know of List member Jim Kriegh
who -- together with his hunting partner Twink Monrad -- discovered
the Gold Basin strewn field, and several other new meteorites. Many
of us know Jim personally, and have benefited from his gracious
hospitality during the annual Tucson show.

However, most of you are probably not aware that Jim is a former
engineering professor, and also the founder of Oro Valley, Arizona
(north of Tucson) -- the town in which he lives, and which he
incorporated in 1974. Oro Valley celebrated Jim's many
accomplishments on April 28 with an outdoor event dedicating the new
James D. Kriegh Park in his honor. Notable members of the meteorite
community were present including Bob Haag and family, and Dr. David
Kring. The local paper carried an extensive report of the dedication

I'm sure Jim's many friends on the Meteorite List will want to join
me in congratulating him.

Following the G.S.A. jaunt, I spent some time at Gold Basin with Jim
and Twink, where two days of searching with three detectors turned up
only four small-ish fragments. There are now numerous people living
in the strewn field in RVs, and hunting full time (and some of them
are pretty rough-looking!). As a result, it is becoming very
difficult to find new specimens, so be warned if you are planning to
hunt there.


Geoff N.

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