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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:22 2004
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Hi all,
        Somehow the release of this issue of VOYAGE! magazine
caught me by surprise. However, it is an exceptional issue, as
this marks the first issue featuring “Jim Tobin’s Corner.”
        While there are NUMEROUS other articles I am eager to
dive into (2 on Roman’s party - with LOTS of photos, an article
by Dean Bessey on Moroccan meteorite thin sections - with
LOTS of photos, Rob Elliott’s column, and several articles by
Hal Povenmire, as well as others), Jim’s new column makes a
statement - both of what we can expect to come, but, perhaps
more importantly, it is THE most informative piece of work I
have read on cutting meteorites, to date, complete with
“secrets” about a variety of techniques for rapid drying,
polishing surfaces, automatic feeds, “gripping” of the
specimen, etc.
        Jim’s ingenuity, cleverness and persistence in things
mechanical have long impressed me - from his refinements of
microfiche readers for thin section viewing to the development
and production of his polariscope adapter for the MBC-10
microscope. However, in this article, we are made privy to
some of his techniques and benefit from his experience.
        His article on Tucson 2001, was very interesting and
entertaining - but his column, focused this issue on the cutting
of meteorites, is one any collector who has considered cutting
meteorites cannot afford to miss.
        If you do not subscribe to VOYAGE! I suggest you contact
the editor, John Walters, immediately and get one of the few
overruns before they are snatched up. This article will be in high
demand -likely for years, until or unless someone (perhaps Jim,
himself?) writes a manual for meteorite cutting. It’s that good.
        No BS, Michael

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